Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

Leo and Capricorn

This combination makes for a really regal pairing. Leo’s may be the king of the jungle and the leader of their pack, but they may meet their match in wise old Capricorn. These two are both headstrong and incredibly loyal. Both have a strong moral compass and adhere to a noble code of ethics. These two know the right way to do things, but they don’t always agree on what that right way looks like… These two will treat each other well, and make sure they stick up for each other’s best interests. They can, though, at times, butt their impressive heads together. There needs to be plenty of room for ego in this pairing, and each partner will need their own space to focus on their interests to avoid becoming competitive with each other. When things are going well, Leo lavishes their generous love and attention on Capricorn who is happy to reciprocate by showing Leo steady acts of service that demonstrate their affections. These two can create something that will last a lifetime, and once they commit they are unlikely to have their attention stolen by anybody else. Capricorn can be a little serious for Leo but often Leo sees this as a challenge and takes it upon themselves to cheer up grumpy Capricorn and show them a lighter side to life. These two can bring out the best in each other, as long as they can stop winding each other up and arguing about who is right!


Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, an influencer and force for action. There is not much that phases them or distracts them from getting where they decide they need to be. They tend to be the initiator in this relationship. Leo meanwhile, is fixed. Fixed signs are committed and steadfast in their way of doing things That can lead to a bit of a stubborn streak and keep Capricorn challenged and intrigued. 



Leo is a fixed fire sign. Capricorn is a cardinal Earth. The steady strength of Leo can be a source of great power for Capricorn , that is providing the heat does not begin to burn the earth! To prevent things becoming drier than a desert, these two need to give each other plenty of space. When they find the right balance, however, these two can create an amazing connection that will feel like a perfect day in the park – lush green grass and lazy summer days, punctuated with plenty of joy and love. Leo provides the warmth and excitement; whilst Capricorn maintains a foundation of security and dependability. Together, they make a formidable duo!


Are Leo and Capricorn compatible?

Yes, they are very much compatible. These two can be a power couple and often tend to seem like they are a team taking on the rest of the planet. That is wonderful when things are going well, but when they have a disagreement, it can feel like the end of the world. This is a compatible combination but the love can start to run dry if they don’t keep the balance right and put the work in to keep things fair, and going at the right temperature.