Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Leo – Find Fire and Aquarius Fixed Air

These two make each other laugh, fall in love and can live happily ever after together! Except of course… when they can’t! The problem is, though they would never admit it, these two are actually remarkably similar! They both think they know best, and can tend to be a bit too proud to admit that they could ever make a mistake. That can lead to breakdowns in communication. Leo is headstrong and needs to be the focus of the affection. Aquarius can’t always muster up enough enthusiasm to feed their partners ravenous ego! It’s not because they don’t love their Leo partner, it’s just they have a tendency to rationalise everything, even their emotions and feelings. Passionate Leo doesn’t always like to be analysed, though sometimes this can be a great benefit to the relationship because it helps these two feel truly understood. That can be the basis of something really special. What these two have in common is often very strong and keeps them together no matter what. 



Both of these are fixed signs. They are reliable lovers and attentive listeners. They can both be unbearably stubborn!

They’re reliable and dependable, always making sure their partner feels loved and appreciated. But they can also be unbearably stubborn when things aren’t going their way! Their relationship will require patience and understanding, as both signs struggle to communicate when it comes to differences of thought or opinion. However, if they learn to take the time and listen to one another, they’ll find that they are stronger together than they are apart.

When communication between the two breaks down, it can be difficult for them to find their way back to each other again. It may take some gentle prodding from an outside source – someone who knows how to listen and offer constructive advice – to get them talking again. But if they can negotiate their differences and come to a mutual understanding, the connection between them will be fortified by a permanent trust. These two are not afraid of commitment or hard work; their union will last through many trials and tribulations as long as they remain open with one another and keep their bond strong with love, compromise and respect.



Leo is a fire sign, their nature makes them passionate and warm-hearted, while Aquarius is an air sign,  cool and analytical. Fire and Air are the perfect elemental combination, bound together in a powerful union of energy and power. When these two come together, they fan each other’s flames to create a scorching love that lights up the night sky. But they need to work at keeping this fire alive – adding fuel every day in order to stoke the sparks of their relationship. If Leo and Aquarius take care to nurture their flame, it will never be extinguished, but instead burn brightly for many years to come.

Are Leo and Aquarius Compatible?

Leo and Aquarius have a magnetic connection that often leads to them finding their soulmate in one another, creating an unbreakable bond of unconditional love. They’re not just compatible – they truly understand each other on a deep level, enabling them to support and nurture the other’s growth like no one else can.

This is not a match to be reckoned with; their arguments can be heated and explosive, but they never take too long to get over it thanks to the mutual understanding they share. It’s a warm and breezy kind of love that needs commitment, effort and energy if it wants to survive the test of time. But when these two come together, they create something extraordinary – a brilliant pair with an unshakeable bond that none can break.