Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo

When chatty and lighthearted Gemini meets up with level headed witty Virgo, these two often hit it off. And is it really any wonder, given their excellent outlook and impeccable intelligence? These two both recognise good brains and appreciate the opportunity to converse on a brighter level. These two are both ruled by the same planet – they have similar aims and aspirations but the way they execute them couldn’t be more different! In a relationship, this is great. These two share the same values and vision for a clear and right future together. In day to day reality though, there is lots of room for disagreement. Virgo wants the wardrobe tidy and Gemini is happy to just throw a pile of clothes on the chair and go out and see the world. When they feel mischievous, Gemini’s can be real wind up merchants. They can’t resist teasing sensible Virgo into an argument that they probably don’t even really believe in. Virgo’s might find a gemini cute in the honeymoon stage, but when they become a live in life partner, all those quirks might soon be a bit too much to bear. These two need a bit of healthy separation to keep things on an even keel. When these two compromise they can be a great team. There is simply no match for their combined intellect and kindness. 



These two are both mutable signs. They are great at overcompensating and besting each other at who can be the least decisive. Heaven forbid these two have to decide whats for dinner – they would be there all night and probably end up wishing they had just flipped a coin! Aside from difficulty choosing a takeaway, a high amount of mutable energy can be a great thing in a partnership though. It allows these two to truly accommodate each others needs and adapt their outlook to keep the peace and their union alive.



Virgo is an Earth sign, whereas Gemini is ruled by the air. Far from being a dusty combination though, this partnership brings out the best in each other. Gemini has the height and perspective to see things from another angle, and bring Virgo up to their level to enjoy the view. Virgo lends a practical steadiness to Gemini’s flighty nature and both of these are able to enter a happy life together that tends to be free from too much drama.


Are Gemini and Virgo compatible? 

Absolutely! This is a meeting of minds, and matching of hearts. These two can build something great together, as long as they are both on the same page. It is important for this pairing to have a common goal in mind, because they both prefer to work on a shared project, than to keep pushing things forwards on their own. Once these two get past their different styles, they can create a lasting love.