Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio

What do you get when the deepest feeler in the zodiac, Scorpio, meets its quickest thinker? Certainly no shortage of interesting conversation. Scorpio’s intrigue Gemini’s. They have something about them that Gemini wants to tease out, and Scorpio wants nothing more than to be known, when they are sure that when they let out their innermost self, they will be treated with appropriate care and respect. That’s where things get tricky for a Gemini. Not because they don’t care, but because they tend to see things rationally. Their interest may not last long enough to wait the necessary time for Scorpio to open up. And Scorpio sees this as a test. They will dig in their heels and refuse to open up, testing to make sure it’s safe. If Gemini can go the distance, and prove themselves worthy, then they have the opportunity to make a wonderful union with one of the most amazing people they will ever meet. A relationship with a Scorpio offers many rich rewards, but they won’t give them up easily. Scorpio’s meanwhile are deeply sensitive and tough enough to put up with Gemini’s more testing traits!



Scorpio is a fixed sign and as such, tends to be steady and reliable. They don’t pursue change. They offer a wholesome steadiness for mutable Gemini. Gemini can adapt to accommodate for a scorpio, but they need to remember that their lightheartedness is what makes this relationship work over the long term, so they shouldn’t over compensate for Scorpio’s determination for stability and lose sight of themselves. 



When air sign Gemini meets up with Water sign Scorpio, love can really bubble. Scorpio’s still waters run deep and Gemini can’t help but disrupt them and get under the surface. Gemini has a way of making Scorpio think and reason and Scorpio is sensitive and receptive to see past Gemini’s light hearted exterior to their own inner depths. This can be the basis of something wonderful. 


Are Scorpio and Gemini Compatible?

There is no shortage of reasons as to why this should not work. These two though, know better than to listen to negativity and nay sayers. Instead, they will go with their hearts! Once they commit, a Gemini and a Scorpio can make a love that really lasts. Gemini is not all lighthearted flirty nonsense, and neither is Scorpio a brooding and secretive partner. These two can see past the exterior into who they really are, and that, can make something that really works.