Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

Gemini Mutable Air  and Pisces Mutable Water

Gemini has a reputation for being a bit of a wind up. It’s not that they are incapable of being serious though. When they couple up with a Pisces their playful side comes out more because their imagination is stimulated. Pisces can tolerate Gemini’s more annoying side because of their exceptional sense of humour and enjoyment of quirks. A Gemini can feel at home with a Piscean because they are both strange – albeit in very different ways! On their best days these two bring out the best in each other – Pisces reminds gemini to tread with a little sensitivity and Gemini can help Pisces to remember their sense of fun when they get overwhelmed by the world. It can be a wonderful combination that brings out the best characteristics of both of these signs. There may be other times though, when these two just don’t ‘GET’ each other. Pisces has a tendency to be emotionally dramatic whereas Gemini has to rationalise their feelings. That can lead to a little conflict and both parties feeling that they are not understood. With a little commitment though, there is no reason why this can’t be a happy and lasting union. 



Both of these signs are mutable. They run the risk of being incapable of making a decision and sticking to it. They want to please each other equally, which is great, except when it comes to deciding what to have for dinner! If these two can remember to speak out when they really want something, they will both be happier for it. 



The mutable air sign Gemini likes to keep things light. Whilst the mutable water Pisces likes to keep things moving and fluid, like a fast flowing stream looking for the nearest body of water to merge with. This can be a lovely babbling brook of bubbly conversation and at times will feel like a romantic ideal. There is no shortage of conversation and bright ideas with these two. Making them a reality, however, can prove a bit of a challenge. They may need a little grounding energy and to stick to what they say. 


Are Gemini and Pisces Compatible?

These two are absolutely compatible and make a lovely, bubbly pair. There is no shortage of fun or understanding in this coupling and these two can find comfort in each other and learn to love each others quirks. These two often feel like misfits so when they come together they become kindred spirits. They might need to sound off with others when they disagree, to avoid getting lost in a spiral of miscommunication though!