Gemini and Libra Compatibility

Gemini and Libra

When these two meet they have the opportunity to make real magic. Both of these signs are great thinkers and make brilliant and engaging partners. There is a real possibility of that leading to love at first sight and a meeting of two minds. Libra wants to please and solve everything, and Gemini is happy to present a problem for them to work together on. These two could skip off into the future and live happily ever after, but they are too busy changing their minds about whether they even like each other. I’m not saying that a relationship between a Libra and Gemini can’t work, it’s more that before it gets to that point, Libra wants to fix things and Gemini can’t help but play devil’s advocate and poke holes in the solution! That can create a bit of tension. Tension can make for great chemistry and there will be no chance of that lacking in this set up. The trick with this union going the distance, and not blowing hot and cold or getting swept off in a  hurricane is for the banter and debate to stay light. Usually, Gemini makes sure that happens and Libra takes the lead and makes the case for reasons why they work and should stick at it!



Libra is a Cardinal sign. They can’t help but move and shake things up, pushing for things to be better when they’re not good enough, and bringing about change in stagnant situations. Fortunately, mutable Gemini is the perfect partner for a Libra because they tend not to be bogged down by tradition and commitments. They are happy to go along with different ideas and plans as long as they are rational and fun. 



Both of these are Air signs. They share an ability to see things with a clear objectivity and thrive on rationalising. This is great but it means they may struggle when it comes to communication on a more emotional level. It’s hard to rationalise feelings because they don’t always make sense. These two are civilised and make great entertainment for their friends, but they need to remember to have a heart to heart now and again too. 


Are Gemini and Libra Compatible?

These are very compatible, and could be a brilliant and lasting union. Once these two work out their differences, there is nothing holding them back. They can’t help but reason their way back together, no matter how far they debate themselves apart!