Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

Gemini and Gemini

A curious thing happens when two Gemini’s partner up. In true, dichotomous style, this combination is either a glorious meeting of minds that leads to a match made in heaven, or it ends up with the two speeding in very different directions. Gemini’s are the zodiac’s quickest thinkers. They are prone to snap decisions and changing their minds. They have also been well known to debate long after the sun sets, seeing things from all sides and deftly playing devils advocate, just because they can! What better way to spend your life then, than with somebody who shares these same qualities? Somebody who just GETS you. Unless of course, they say they don’t, or they get distracted by something or somebody else… Gemini’s are no more or less likely to cheat than any other sign in the zodiac. But they can be incorrigible flirts, and they can’t help but wonder if the grass might be greener over there, or perhaps back the way they came. They need variety and stimulation to help them keep themselves busy. As long as there is plenty (and there will be, with double the trouble), this is a relationship that can really thrive, and a partnership that can overcome the hurdles of life with ease.



Gemini is a mutable sign. That’s just a fancy way of saying that they are renowned for their ability to adapt to adversity and demonstrate great flexibility when required. They are also, quite easily caught up in the bustle and business of others. They go along for the ride and respond to stimuli around them. With two Gemini’s in partnership, this quality is amplified. That be wonderful… or it can lead to things fizzling out before they really get started!



Gemini is an Air sign. A Gemini partnership can be a bit like taking a much needed deep breath. Thai sign gets  bad rap for being ‘superficial’. That’s nonsense. Gemini’s can run just as deep as other signs, but they also know that the world doesn’t stop when they fall in love. They can keep a cool head and make matters of the heart look easy breezy lemon squeasy, even when they are really feeling a bit more ‘love hurts and lemon stings!”. 


Are Gemini and Gemini matches compatible?

So are they compatible? Absolutely. Apart from when they’re not. And when they’re not, they sometimes change their minds and wonder if they might be. They might try things a out a few times just to make sure before they go right back to where they started! This is a match that can work wonderfully. Communication is the absolute key.