Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius

These two are a match made in the heavens. I am not talking about Adam and Eve, think more Greek Gods and their romantic sagas. It could be because they are both Air signs, or maybe because they just have an uncanny ability to press each others buttons and wind each other up. They intrigue each other. Both of these signs have a deep need to know how each other really works. They want the ins and the outs. They can’t help but press that button to see what it does, and work out exactly what makes each other tick. They stimulate a curiosity within each other that other signs just don’t match up with. Maybe that’s what keeps them going back to each other when they fall out. Because though these two can’t stay away from each other, they also cannot stop arguing! A healthy debate is good for all of us, but with these two, it runs the risk of going round in circles. Being a little bit emotionally detached helps to keep a clear mind, but it can make things a bit messy when matters of the heart are involved. For this to work, these two need to listen more to their hearts and less to their minds!



Mutable Gemini is happy to go along with Aquarian’s fixed quirks. Aquarius usually believes that they know best, and that their way is the right one! Gemini is the best person to challenge this and keep things light enough to get an Aquarian to laugh at themselves. Gemini can find themselves supported by Aquarius who can add some consistency to their flighty tendencies. 



Both of these are Air signs. They are at home in a world of rationality and reasoning. Neither of these two do well with too much touchy feely stuff and they tend to overthink their emotions. They find a like minded lover in each other but they need to remember they have got hearts and they both have needs!

Are Gemini and Aquarius Compatible?

Yes, almost alarmingly so! That can make them both overthink things and wonder why! They test each other and check things out before they commit, because, a match like this feels almost too good to be true. They wonder, what is the catch? Sometimes, they find themselves lost in a whirlwind romance and other times they blow so hot and cold with each other that they have to go their separate ways.