Capricorn and Pisces Compatible

Capricorn – Cardinal Earth and Pisces Mutable Water

Capricorn and Pisces may seem like a wildly inappropriate combination at first, but with some time these two stick and once they stick, they’re in for the long run. There is something special that starts to develop between these signs as they recognise what they have in common. Their depth of character and commitment to each other is second to none. Though they express themselves very differently, and often appear to be poles aprt in the way they approach life, actually, there are many things that these two share. Capricorn is renowned for being the wisest and most sensible of signs. They are ruled by Saturn, the planet that oversees lessons and boundaries. Capricorns are grounded creatures who are committed to doing things the right way. They recognise the limits that the reality of their circumstances dictate and work at doing their best to achieve as much as they can, within the confines of those rules. Pisces, on the other hand, is ruled by Neptune. They are transcendent beings, who tend to live with one foot at all times in another world altogether. Piscean energy is boundless. It is enchanting. And sometimes, it can even look a little bit delusional! It would be easy to assume then, that these two in a relationship just cannot work. Actually though, there is much to learn from each other, for both of these signs. There is wisdom, in both of their ways. In a balanced partnership, these two don’t just work, they create two sides of a whole. They complete each other, balance each other out, and show each other another way to be. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that. Despite their differences in outlook these two signs can provide each other with something unique and valuable. Pisces can help Capricorn break out from their commitment to conform and let them see a different side to life, introducing them to new ideas and an outlook that transcends everything they are used to. There is inspiration and a glimpse of inspiration for Capricorn to find when they see the world through their relationship with a Pisces. Meanwhile, the stability of Capricorn helps keep Pisces grounded and focused so they can make informed decisions about the future, and steadies them when they are overwhelmed. This is a case of opposites attracting each other, and finding themselves inseparable once they come together.


On one hand, the ambition and willpower of the Cardinal Capricorn can provide Mutable Pisces with just the push they need to go upstream and make progress towards their desired goals. Yet, if Capricorn sets too many plans in place for Pisces the mutable fish may feel like they are swimming against a cardinal current when they just want to go with the flow… ! Fortunately, these two signs can come together in a harmonious way – as long as each partner takes time to understand and appreciate their differences. If patience is possessed and trust established, this relationship will only get stronger and more resilient with time—producing tidal waves of loving energy! Cardinal Earth can stir up Mutable Water like the ocean. It’s a powerful force to be reckoned with, unstoppable as a tsunami.


When Capricorn and Pisces enter into a relationship, it can be as if two ships from different worlds have collided. Whereas Earthly Capricorn prefers to take on a more rational approach to life, Pisces is a water sign meaning they tend to react with feeling and intuition. This difference in perspective may cause each side to become exhausted and exasperated from trying to understand each other’s points of view. Capricorn’s no nonsense attitude can leave Pisces feeling a little misunderstood or unloved, and Capricorn can grow tired of constantly trying to deal with the watery emotions of an oversensitive Pisces. However, if these two are able to look past this initial turbulence and strive towards understanding one another better, they’ll find that their unique dynamic will provide them with an incredible adventure that lets them grow together in ways they never knew were possible! After all the earth is what holds water, and when both signs can be calm, the love can run as deep as a bottomless well.

Are Pisces and Capricorn compatible?

Though it may be a bumpy start, Capricorn and Pisces can make a truly solid match. They just need to be mindful of each other’s differences and use them to their advantage. When done correctly, the two signs can create something truly magical that transcends earthly boundaries. With patience, understanding, and a good dose of humour, this pair can form an unbreakable bond that will allow them to build a life together and a future that few could dream of!