Capricorn and Aquarius Compatiblity

Capricorn and Aquarius

While Capricorn and Aquarius have very different approaches to life, and their beliefs about everything from what the future holds to what they should have for breakfast can be utterly different, there’s something undeniably alluring about each other that draws them together. The same contrast they see with each other is not only a little intriguing to them, it is amusing too! They love an opportunity to disagree! And they often find that once they have gone round disagreeing, and flirting, that they actually find each other very agreeable. These two can’t help like each other, and they often have far more in common than they would ever care to admit! These two know what they like, and they are not interested in changing that. That is a great start for a healthy relationship based on the sharing between two individuals who are content with who they are already. Each sign has something unique to offer the other, so both will benefit from exploring these differences as they fall into a deeper relationship. Capricorn is more traditional while Aquarius is a non-conformist, but this doesn’t have to be a roadblock. As they learn from one another and embrace each other’s approaches, they develop new ways of seeing the world that makes them both better off than either could be alone. With time, commitment and willingness to look outside the box, Capricorn and Aquarius can create something truly beautiful together. Aquarius appreciates Capricorns committed cleverness and Capricorn is one of the only signs who really makes an Aquarian feel like they are understood. These complex creatures are a bit of an enigma and having a Capricorn to guide them through the bigger hurdles in life and they often offer Capricorn a wise and worthy sounding board too. There is much between these two signs to celebrate and the union of them both is something great to behold. Though they may irritate each other with their very different outlooks on life, these two secretly like to be just a little bit irritated. It is all about balance! The good news is that there will certainly be no shortage of opportunities to fall out and make back up again.



Aquarius is fixed and Capricorn is Cardinal. Cardinal signs like to get things done and prefer action to words. Fixed signs tend to be set in their approach to life and prefer to do things their way. This can work well together, as the fixed Aquarius, despite being hard to tie down, loves plans to follow (even if they don’t always enact them exactly as they were intended) and the Cardinal Capricorn is the ultimate plan maker



The pairing of the earth and air is an unusual one, but it just might work. The two elements have a lot to offer each other – the practical guidance of the earth can help ground the ever-changing ideas from the air, while still allowing creativity and growth to happen. The prospect of this relationship being successful seems like an impossible dream, but if both Capricorn and Aquarius come together in harmony, then anything can be achieved! 


Are Capricorn and Aquarius compatible?

Opposites may attract, but when these two signs learn to understand and appreciate their differences, then their connection will no doubt be unstoppable. Aquarius will appreciate the stability of Capricorn, though they may get frustrated with their relentless sensibility. Capricorn on the other hand may tire of the flighty Aquarian unconventionalism, but feel refreshed and energised by their different outlook. It may sometimes get off to a tricky start, but with love and understanding this couple will have an amazingly unique relationship.