Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer – Cardinal Water and Virgo Mutable Earth

This is a serious and committed love match, but that doesnt mean these two don’t know how to have plenty of fun together! These two, once they get together, rarely separate. They see something in each other that they both need. Cancer is caring and supportive  but they also have a unique way of seeing Virgo’s fun side. They are sensitive enough to pick up on the undercurrents of Virgo’s personality that they may have though nobody would get to see. Once a Virgo can get past being ‘seen’ they love to feel fully understood. And in return, they offer Cancer the care that they would never admit they need too! Virgo shows their love by supporting those around them with practical and effective help. Cancer truly appreciates this. Cancer’s have a habit of not asking for help. Virgo sees this and just does it and that can be amazing for a Cancerian because it allows them to get what they need without exposing their vulnerable side. Sometimes though, there can be too much of a good thing. These two can drive each other crazy with their desire to be the most caring and the most helpful and show each other that they know best. These guys need a balance to keep things light. They can bring out each other’s serious sides which is great for commitment and longevity but not ideal for light conversation and fun. These guys may need reminding from time to time that their deepest fears may not ever be on the horizon, so it’s ok to let their hair down once in a while. 



Cancer is a Cardinal sign. They are adept at making the best of things and motivated to find solutions and start new things. They initiate change. Virgo is a mutable sign which helps them go along with the ride. They want to accommodate and accept changes of pace. Which is just as well, when they meet a willful Cancerian with a bee in their bonnet! Virgo’s are great at supporting Cancerians and tend to benefit from a bit of a push, as long as it is done gently and is definitely going in the right direction. 



Cancer is ruled by the water, whereas Sensual Virgo is ruled by the Earth. Virgo’s are healers, and teachers, and rulers of fertility. Cancerians hold great maternal energy. These two together can build the worlds cosiest castle, and often do. Their homelife, and garden, is important to them and they have loads in common. Earthly Virgo holds Cancerian’s steady when the tide turns turbulent and Cancer can pour passionate waters that quench a Virgo’s thirst for love. 


Are Cancer and Virgo Compatible?

These signs are deeply compatible and often find themselves in a relationship with shared goals of making the world a better place. There is something wonderful about their selfless nature and the ability both of these signs have to know what needs doing and get stuck in. These two understand each other well and stick together once they commit.