Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio

These two may be the most sensitive pair on the planet. The zodiac’s deepest feelers and toughest and most resilient characters. They are both great at being independent. This is partly because they gave up the idea of finding somebody who really gets them a long time ago. Cancer puts on a brave front and a tough exterior, that hides a vulnerable, soft centre. Scorpio hides their incredible depths of emotions so well, that it often appears they are emotionally numb! Nothing could be further from the truth of course, and Cancer sees that better than most. It would be hard for either of these signs to find themselves a match who ‘gets them’ better. That being said, these relationships don’t always work out because both of these two are also quite attached to the idea of being a little bit unknowable. When they are truly seen for their more sensitive sides, it can take the thrill away, or sometimes, lead to things being a bit too serious too soon. If both are ready for a life of fulfilment though, this can be a long and lasting merger that promises great understanding and appreciation on both sides. 



Scorpio is a fixed sign. As such, those born under this sign are steadily and stubbornly committed to maintaining their own status quo. It feels necessary for their survival. Cancer, meanwhile, is a Cardinal sign. Cancerian’s want to start things up, to go out and get what makes them comfortable or helps them feel secure. Together, this can lead to fireworks. Cancer gets a bit tired of pulling Scorpio out to play and Scorpio can get a bit fed up with a Cancerians endless demands to get out there and experience things! There needs to be compromise on both sides for this to go the distance. 



A Cancer is a Cardinal Water, whilst a Scorpio is fixed Water. They can each be as soft and tender as the tide, connected by their deep empathy and intuition. A Cancer’s mood may rise and fall according to the whims of their feelings, whilst a Scorpio is less easily swayed out of their emotions. Yet regardless of how their mood patterns manifest, both signs share a great capacity for caring deeply and safeguarding those around them. The sign of the crab is known for its sense of loyalty, whilst a Scorpio has an unwavering devotion to upholding truth. Together they form a bond that is noble, strong and undeniably loyal – no matter what obstacle gets in their way. When forces conspire against them, Cancer and Scorpio stand up like two sentinels guarding family and friends with an unmatched ferocity. Even if times become tough or emotions run high, they will always remain connected by that same core trait – gentleness towards those they love.


Are Scorpio and Cancer compatible?

Scorpio and Cancer make for an ideal combination, linked by the same symbolism of Water that rules over both. There’s a deep bond between them, one that few other signs could ever understand. Together, they form a united front against whatever life throws their way. Unraveling the hidden layers of emotion within each of them is no easy feat – but it can only be done together. For these two, even when apart, the connection will never die. What unites them is something infinitely special and eternal: a huge capacity to love and support each other through thick and thin. They don’t need words to express what they feel – their gestures say more than any conversation ever could. Scorpio and Cancer share a unique language of the heart that surpasses any boundaries and stands strong throughout time. So whether they choose to stay together or go their separate ways, this union is sure to leave its mark on their souls forevermore.