Cancer and Pisces Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces

When these two find each other in the storm of life, they cling on tight and shelter under an umbrella until it passes. Whilst they are under there, they probably found their soulmate. Somebody who really understands their depth of feeling and softness. Somebody who inspires them to be better, and to create a better world. There is nothing cosier, or more magical, than a relationship between a Pisces and a Cancerian. Sometimes though, these two are guilty of creating storms in teacups. They just can’t help themselves from feeling like they are falling out of love with each other just as fast as they fell in, only to find themselves turning around and plunging deeper just when they thought they had hit the bottom of the well. There are no two more compassionate signs in the zodiac than these two. If they don’t end up opening up a rescue centre together and taking on every bleeding heart tragedy they come across, they can turn that support to each other. The problem is though, they are both givers. They want to be the one to help and fix and make it all better. Neither of these two are very good at being looked after, though a Pisces pretends that’s what they want. For this relationship to work, these guys need to keep a healthy dose of reality and separation from the get go. Once they are in, they are usually linked for life. 



Pisces is mutable. Not just mutable, but wonderfully willfully persuaded along for any ride. Cancer loves this about them and puts them in their Cardinal carriage headed for domestic bliss! That’s all well and good, until something else catches a Pisces eye. Or some other cause inspires the Cancerian and demands their attention. These two can be great together but they need to remember who they are separately as well as part of a team. 



These two are both ruled by Water. That makes them very similar in lots of ways. Both are emotionally sensitive and empathic. They are both creative. They both have a sense of doing the right thing, and a soft and kind side to them that is very selfless. They tend to show this in different ways though. That can lead to competition or confusion, without enough time apart!


Are Cancer and Pisces compatible?

These two are so compatible, and so similar, they often wind up at logger heads. The thing about getting annoyed, is that what we find annoying is often a reflection of our own worst traits. These two rub each other up the wrong way precisely because they care so deeply for each other. They want the best for their partner and they can both get a bit lost when it comes to a reality check on the relationship. This can work, and when it does it will be truly madly deeply. These two need to give each other space to keep things healthy.