Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Cancer and Libra

When these two get together, anything is possible. They often find themselves arguing about the best way to accomplish their dreams, but if they can learn to work together they are a real force to be reckoned with. Libra inspires Cancer. And Cancer amazes Libra. Just when Libra is ready to admit defeat and Cancer has almost convinced them that they are just a grumpy shell dweller, they come out and do something bold and brave that Libra gets excited about all over again! These two are more similar than they would like to admit. Libra is an overthinker, and Cancer has a tendency to be overly reliant on their emotions when it comes to making decisions. Both though, have astute instincts and insight into the world which helps them to see each other for who they really are. And having these tiny achilles heels in common, helps these two to recognise each other as kindred spirits. They both want to be heard and to make their mark, but often in very different ways. That can lead to some tension, as they pull each other in different directions and enter a battle of wills. Ultimately though, these two can be the best of friends and great lovers too. They often feel like they have to debate things thoroughly before either will commit though. 



When you mix two cardinal signs – that’s the perfect recipe for a power couple. These two together make an unstoppable force, but at times their task-oriented mindsets can pull them in opposite directions.

Agreements come easy when it comes to these two, both of them craving focus and direction. Yet, getting on the same page is often easier said than done with different values and goals tugging in each direction. But when they manage to find common ground, nothing can stand in their way – not even the toughest challenges life might throw to them.

All it takes is a bit of patience, understanding and compromise to bring these two together again and set them on a new path towards achieving great things. If one is ever feeling lost or beaten down by life, all it takes is the other’s presence and guidance to jump start the engine of success once more.



The cardinal Watery Cancer is anything but wishy washy. There is enough contradiction in this sign to keep Cardinal Air Libra entertained and on their toes. These two work because they understand each others need for clarity. Cancer benefits from bubbly Libra leading the way, and caring Cancer can help Libra learn when to say no and stop over committing!


Are Cancer and Libra Compatible?

These two are not just compatible, they were made for each other! This is a great match, once these two can stop butting heads about whose way is best or who had the idea first! This si a relationship with lots of fun and no shortage of things happening. Cancer can feel a little lost in Libra’s endless social obligations but they love the challenge of showing Libra how to stick to their convictions, whilst Libra loves bringing Cancer out of their shell!