Cancer and Leo

Cancer – Cardinal Water, and Leo Fixed Fire

So how does a relationship transpire between a humble, homely Cancer and a confident ambitious Leo? Cancerians are ruled by the Moon and Leos are ruled by the sun. Like night and day one cannot exist without the other. These two have a magnetism for each other that lights up a room. But of course, they are opposingly different in their approaches to life. The Moon rules over emotions whereas the Sun guides our sense of self and identity. The combination of these two in a couple can be incredibly powerful. Together, they can take on anything thrown at them and they often feel as though they complete one another. Consider this match like a yin and yang, both signs and perspectives are beneficial, but both have very opposing energy. There will be times in this union when heads and hearts don’t quite align and both will need to learn to compromise because neither party is used to giving up their autonomy. This is a pair who can make a very good match, providing they listen to each other and allow their differences to shine and compliment each other. The Moon needs the Sun to shine, and a warm Leo can help bring Cancer out of their shell. Leos by their nature are very generous and fun loving. Cancerians are very caring and are also tough enough to cope with any drama that Leo throws. Both Leo and Cancer are fiercely loyal, so if they do pair up they are likely to remain committed for the long haul and look out for each other forever. 


Leo is a fixed sign which means they have a steadiness about them that Cancer can cling to, especially once they let their shell down. Cancer is a Cardinal sign, they just can’t help but start things up and make things happen. Leo loves this so long as their needs are taken into account. They aren’t as adaptable as mutable signs but they can benefit from Cancer’s commitment and drive to better the relationship and keep them busy. Cancer will need to learn when to let Leo be and allow them plenty of time for lazy lie ins!


Firey Leo can be a great help to water sign Cancer. Leo warms Cancer up with their good humour and sense of fun that helps stir Cancer’s emotions when they are stewing too deeply, and cool Cancer can help Leo chill out when they get too fired up. This is a great complimentary match – plenty of bubbles and the chance to get steamy! This is a relationship that needs balance though – too much fire and water will evaporate entirely. Too much water can douse a fire sign’s spirits. 


Are Cancer and Leo Compatible?

Cancer and Leo are not just compatible, they are are Sun and Moon to each other! Once these two find each other they tend to stick at it, there is something that feels very harmonious about this relationship and these two just seem to get each other. They both know the burdens of being a natural born leader and they can see past the front they both put on to meet on a soul level underneath.