Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn go together like crackers and cheese. They both know what works, and what leads to a happy life and they’re not afraid of putting in the work to get there. These two understand each other on a deep, soul level. They are different, of course, but there are enough things in common to draw them together and make them a great team. Take, for example, their commitment to their family. There is nothing more important to these two than having a happy and whole family life (though that doesn’t always mean 2.4 kids and a picket fence). These two are committed to justice and goodness. They are sure about where they are going and what it takes to get to the top. That’s great… but does it leave room for romance? There are times when these two make so much sense, it can be hard to find a spark. Often, they make brilliant life partners, but they may need to work at romance. That doesn’t necessarily mean things are doomed though. All relationships take work and these two get that. If both are happy to commit, this can be a lasting union with plenty of loving. 



Both of these signs are Cardinal. Because of this internal need to keep initiating things and taking an active role in shaping their own destiny, they are a force to be reckoned with when they are on the same team. When these two want to head in different directions though, especially where careers or work life balance are concerned, things can get a bit off course. It’s nothing that a good head to head, or heart to heart, can’t sort though. 



Capricorn is a Cardial Earth and Cancer is a Cardinal Water, this is a perfect elemental match, a pairing of two fundamentally different but complementary energies. Capricorn brings its steady and reliable Earth energy to the table, providing structure and security that is invaluable to any relationship. On the other hand, the Water sign Cancer exudes compassion, llending the all-important caregiving element that helps keep this union strong. This formidable combination can be a powerhouse when both parties stay grounded in practicality and mutual understanding – Capricorn provides a dependable foundation for growth, while Cancer brings its nurturing lifeforce to shower love on both sides. Together they make a team that has no equal – nurturing one another as only intimate partners can, though nothing will ever break their bond or stop them from both thriving together.


Are Cancer and Capricorn compatible?

Not only is this a compatible match, this is a long term, life affirming partnership. There is something wonderfully wholesome to this coupling, they complement each other and often feel like they are complete when they find each other. They don’t always go about things the same way, but the commitment they show each other is second to none.