Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer – Cardinal Water

The funny thing about Cancerians is that they often appear as the toughest signs of the zodiac, when in reality they have a deeply soft and vulnerable interior. They hide their secretly sensitive side with jokes, banter and a light hearted air. What they are actually trying to do is protect their immensely soft hearts, shown only to those nearest and dearest to them. So what happens when you pair a couple of Cancers who are both extremely tough and yet also vulnerable? It may take a while for the Cancers to admit they have feelings for one-another, but once they do, wow. The shared impeccable instincts of the Cancerians means they will have an almost psychic connection, both being deeply empathetic and intuitive, though they might show it in different ways. The cancers crave care for themselves and for each other, going to great lengths to ensure the happiness and needs are met, this will feel like a well-tuned nurture machine. Given that both the Cancerians love their home comforts they will often enjoy dining in over eating out and are likely to have a shared favourite takeaway! So with this feeling of coming home, could anything ever possibly go wrong? Well the thing about Cancerians, is that they are notoriously moody! This guarantees some ups and downs. And because underneath that tough exterior both signs are incredibly sensitive, so they will both need to let their guard down from time to time and remind each other quite how much they care.



Both being Cardinal, there is undoubtedly the need to be right, the first, and the best. Cardinal signs evoke action,  and don’t let anything get in their way when there is a job to get done. These two will buzz off each other’s energy but there may be power struggles as well since Cancerians make natural leaders. The best way to get along is to lead in different areas of the relationship.



Water signs are magical and mysterious. Both being cardinal water they are motivated by action, their caring nature will ensure this relationship reaches where it needs to be. They will undoubtedly be in tune with each other’s needs, intuitively knowing when something is wrong. When water meets water, it can only grow bigger. Like the streams leading to the sea, water always finds its way home.


Are Cancer and Cancer compatible?

Very compatible, though they run the risk of martyring themselves or the relationship to prove that they are in fact the most caring one. They will enjoy light hearted banter as well as deep and meaningful love. Once the Cancerians fall for each other, just like water: connected, complete and impossible to separate.