Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius

Nobody laughs together better than a Cancerian and an Aquarius. Cancerian’s tough shell helps them get on a level with an Aquarius and they recognise their eccentricity and find it very amusing. Cancer can’t help but try to help detached Aquarius recognise their emotions, and Aquarius is so stubbornly committed to pretending they don’t have any that there is little else to do but collapse into giggles at the ridiculousness of these two ever really getting along! And yet, somehow they are the best of friends. They wind each other up something chronic, but never have these two felt more understood, than when they are together. There is something about how opposite they are that helps them bring out the best in each other. Aquarius lends their rational head and can show Cancer how to reason. In turn, as much as Aquarius likes to insist they know everything anyway, once they have one, they couldn’t be without a relationship with a Cancer. They depend on Cancerian’s to do the feeling for them and to defend them when they are too stubborn to change their minds, but they know they have made a mistake. And Cancer is only too happy to stick up for their favourite partner. These two are a great mix of knowing and doing. Together, they can achieve great, lasting happiness. But only if they can stop annoying each other long enough to remember how much they need each other!



Cancer is a Cardinal sign, whereas Aquarius is a fixed sign. You may think this renders them incompatible. Not always. Cardinal signs love a challenge, and nothing is more challenging, than persuading a fixed sign to change their mind or be galvanised into action! Thankfully, Cancer also needs to be taken care of and a reliable, steady partner in the form of a fixed Aquarius, does just that. Though it may take some work on both sides to make things truly click between them, when everything lines up just right these two can form a tight bond capable of tackling any situation or obstacle with ease. With complementary energies like theirs at play, nothing can stand in their way.



Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by emotion. They feel things deeply and tend to be a bit moody. Aquarian’s are no less moody, but they don’t recognise that this may be because of a feeling. For an Aquarius there always has to be a reason. That’s because they are air signs, and are ruled by objectivity and their rational side. They think and think until their brains hurt. And even then, they don’t say they have a headache and it’s making them cross, they need Cancer to translate it for them. 


Are Cancer and Aquarius compatible?

The short answer is yes! The long and in depth answer, is… sometimes! This is a relationship that will not be without fierce opposition and miscommunication. That doesn’t mean that things can’t work out, but there will be times where both parties question if it is all worth it. They won’t have to wait long for an answer to that though, because it doesn’t take much to draw them back together and for them to rekindle their bubbly romance!