Aries and Aries Compatibility

Aries and Aries – Cardinal Fire

We often hear the phrase “opposites attract” but in this case, it is the similarities that magnetise the Aries couple together. With both possessing an astonishing knack for straight-talking communication and incredible zest for life, these guys will easily be struck by each other, and the relationship is likely to move quickly.  The Aries personality is a cardinal, trigger-happy do-er, in the sign of fire which can set ablaze one of the most intensely passionate, wild and exciting relationships the world has ever seen. Aries people hold a fervent desire for success which will galvanise an action packed romance with both of you, vying to be the first to prove that they can do it! It may be a battle in some ways, but your shared no-nonsense attitude means you rarely hide your feelings, there will be little time for games, nor will there be much room for misunderstanding. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the relationship will be all plain sailing either. With both people falling under an Aries sign, if they disagree on an issue it can be incredibly hard to resolve since both are so passionate and headstrong about their own convictions. With the pair being so used to winning, it will be interesting to watch and find out who will prevail… but watch out for ‘one-overmanship’ which could be a potential point of weakness in the relationship.



Both being cardinal signs, this couple will find they are swept off their feet by each other, the famous rams will dive headfirst into the relationship and any joint goals they may have. To those born with a natural leadership streak, rules can feel like nothing more than inconvenient roadblocks. When two such driven characters come together, the possibilities are endless. No obstacle seems too large to overcome and no dream too lofty to achieve. The enthusiasm of their combined ambition is a force to be reckoned with, so it’s no surprise that they often find themselves getting exactly what they want. It will certainly be exciting to watch this power couple take on the world together.



Both being fire signs, your joint yearning for excitement, adventure and almost childlike trust in the good of others will see you a roaring blaze of thrills and love. The passions of these two souls can burn like the most raging bonfire, sometimes even rising higher and higher until a moment of truth arrives–it either explodes and they are forced to compete for the same fuel or they learn to share resources and stoke their flames together. In such a delicate balance, vigilance is required if these two want to keep their fires blazing.


Are Aries and Aries compatible?

When two Aries come together, it’s a little bit like two volcanoes going off at once! These two are familiar with each other and no matter the disagreements that may arise, they cannot help but be drawn back to each other. It is impossible to deny their shared passion for life, swift decision making and a good argument now and then – this pair is perfect for each other in every way! However, if you do lock the famous Aries horns in a power struggle, it’s up to one or both of them to reach for something greater than their primal drives if they want the battle to end. It requires courage and conscious effort to take fate into their own hands and break away from instinctive reactions. For this to last, these two need to learn to pick their battles, and, gulp, compromise! Effort put in will be worth it, because the understanding an Aries will find from their fellow sun sign is a feeling like no other.