Aries and Virgo compatibility

Aries – Cardinal Fire, Virgo – Mutable Earth

Step into the ring and witness a clash of two distinct personalities: Virgo seeks excellence in all that they do – precise, methodical and measured. On the other hand, Aries ploughs through with courage and energy, their spirit untethered by mundane details. Or at least that’s what the stereotypes tell us! Actually though, both of these signs are so much more. Far from being impossible, a collaboration between these two can yield extraordinary results – but it will demand an unwavering desire to make it succeed from both sides. Find yourself in this couple and understand that something special must be happening – two people with such disparate personalities, yet a real chemistry in the air. It is that very contrast that can make it work, if the stars align and desire endures. The Virgo and Aries have a strange and compelling kind of energy between them. To make it all come together, dedication and an undying determination are vital. It takes a great deal of commitment to carry the journey through – but if the desire is there, the reward can be tremendous.  Together, they can provide each other with the perfect balance of freedom and attention. While Virgos may seem guarded and reluctant to show emotion, in actuality, they secretly yearn to be adored – something Aries could provide perfectly in this relationship. There’s an exciting allure here for Aries in the promise of challenging wooing their partner over time, but there is also the risk that if their love feels unreciprocated forever, the thrill could fade away.


Aries is Cardinal and Virgo is mutable. The cardinal nature of Aries means they like to get things started, they provoke action and new beginnings (one of the reasons they enjoy the thrill of the chase so much) and a mutable Virgo is remarkable in their flexibility and selflessness. The mutable Virgo has a generous worldview that allows them to be open to new ideas and experiences, something that the ambitious Aries is well equipped to provide them with. The Virgo is likely to easily adapt to the ever changing sails of the Aries. However, one too many tacks may eventually push the patience of Virgo.



Virgo is earth and Aries is fire

A practical, mutable Earth sign Virgo can be very grounding for the unpredictable and excitable Cardinal fire of the Aries. Think of how the earth provides fuel for the Fire, and gives it a place to burn. The Aries can warm the earth and renew it, just like a burnt forest makes way for fresh growth. Earth can help contain Fire’s potentially chaotic nature by providing stability and perspective. Together, this celestial coupling has the potential to create something beautiful.


Are Virgo and Aries compatible?

A Virgo perfectionist and a rule-breaking Aries might find themselves butting heads on occasion, but it doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. Each should learn to be a bit more flexible in their personalities, allowing the relationship to grow and them to benefit from the lessons they can teach each other. With the right attitude, this pairing can be an unstoppable force!