Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Aries – Cardinal Fire, Taurus Fixed Earth

Two lovers, one ruled by Venus and the other by Mars – it’s as if they were born for one another! The Taurean, graced with a healthy appetite for the finer things in life, brings tenderness, sensuality, and impeccable taste to the table. Aries is fiery and passionate – a spirit unafraid of taking risks or embracing adventure. Together, their union is sure to be nothing short of electric! Though they are different, they are still undeniably drawn to one another. It’s in their very differences that they find an energy that charges their connection – one never quite knows what kind of sparks will fly when these two meet! There won’t be any need for beating around the bush either, as both signs are frank and forward with their communication, creating a solid foundation of open honesty in their relationship. Sure, it might take a bit of effort – after all, the Taurus prefers their ducks in a line while the Aries loves to jump without looking. But even when they butt horns, these two are made for one another – an irresistible magnetism which will last through any bumps and bruises along the way. When the Taurus and Aries come together, it may seem a little bit of an unlikely match – but that’s where the beauty lies! Their different approaches challenge each other, providing a unique opportunity for growth. The end result? A partnership of true power – strength in its purest form. That is, providing they don’t lock horns, because once the fixed, tenacious Taurus has made up their mind, there is absolutely no changing it, whilst a confident Cardinal Aries person is used to getting what they want… agreeing on a resolution can be tough – but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! These differences can actually open up deeper conversations, leading to greater understanding and connection. Now there’s something worth striving for!



Aries are cardinal, which means they are do-ers, evokers of action. This is a great quality but it can mean that sometimes, they have little regard for the consequences or details. A grounded Taurus by contrast is fixed, meaning they are more measured and like to have a plan, and iron out the finer points. Sometimes, a Taurus could be accused of being somewhat resistant to change! Unlike the Aries who thrives on it! Now,that combination, in the language of love it can be incredibly frustrating for both parties. But sparks can’t fly without a little friction.. So what’s the answer for making things work? The Aries person needs to take a step back, try to think before they act or react. The fixed Taurus would do well to try to relax their rigidity, and allow a more fluid approach to life. 


The Taurean is ruled by the element of Earth, with an unyielding stability and an unchangeable form or a mighty mountain that stands tall for eternity. Aries is a fire sign, wild and untameable. Just like fire, Aries moves quickly and spreads the love! That fire will devour anything in its path, creating space for new growth and new opportunity. This pair can set bonfires to light up the world, a Taurean can provide the much needed fuel in the relationship, whilst the Aries can keep the excitement alive… as long as fire doesn’t scorch the earth. Or the earth does not run out of combustible material…

Are Taurus and Aries compatible?

A fixed earth Taurus is steady and measured, whilst a cardinal fire Aries is an action taking force of nature. When the strong foundations of fixed earth combine with the passionate explosions of cardinal fire, they are likely to create a volcano! This relationship could be a calm and safe haven for years, but should any pressure be too much this could erupt and cause some pretty impressive devastation in its path. When a Taurus and Aries come together, it’s not just the potential of power and success as a couple that lies ahead. There is work to do too. They must together identify and understand their individual character traits in order to resolve conflicts more effectively. If these two can open their hearts, listen deeply, and view things from each other’s perspective, then nothing is impossible for this powerful union!