Aries and Pisces compatibility

Aries and Pisces

The dreamy Pisces and the action taking no nonsense Aries … is it a match made in heaven? Well, it can be, actually! Both these signs are the zodiac’s children. Born to be together! Playful, joyous and eternally young – the ever-mystical Pisces and their fearless Arian partner. This is one match that’s sure to bring out the best in both. The open-minded Pisces will be drawn to the Aries’ boldness, while the Aries will find it hard to resist the creative energy of their Piscean partner. An absolute must for those seeking adventure, this could be one of life’s most exciting unions! The Aries can ensure that the Pisces follows through with their promises, whilst the Pisces can dream up with the wildly creative concepts. Two disparate souls, Pisces and Aries – each filled with their own unique kind of love. While they will inevitably be drawn to one another, two different kinds of beauty can cause friction. 


The Cardinal Aries likes to take the lead, incite action and evoke change.  The mutable pisces is adaptable, easy going with an innate ability to go with the flow. Like two mischievous spirits, the Pisces and the Aries can bring out their worst – or best! The ever-intrepid Cardinal Aries may come up with wild ideas while the malleable mutable Pisces could be coaxed into agreeing to pursue them. However, it is likely that at some point, the Pisces will exceed their limits and find themselves overwhelmed by what they have taken on. That being said, if managed delicately, this could be an undoubtedly exhilarating partnership!


Aries is a cardinal fire and Pisces is a mutable water. Cardinal fire represents new growth and beginnings, mutable water is all about adaptability and deep emotion.  The cardinal fire of Aries will plan and lead, whilst the mutable water Pisces will use their limitless intuition and creativity to see it through. They can be pictured as a luxurious bubble bath complete with lit candles and scented oils. Sounds utterly romantic doesn’t it? But like all relationships, it’ll require some work to make sure the warmth doesn’t fade away. Should that happen, they’ll need to summon the heat of their love to get the bubble bath to its perfect temperature again!


Are Aries and Pisces compatible?

They may occasionally find it hard to connect, and sometimes it will feel as if they are on completely different planets! However, both these excitable and romantic signs will always find a way to spark each other’s desires again. On one hand lies the gentle Pisces, willing to go with the flow, but on the other stands the determined Aries, unafraid to take risks. The key lies in finding that balance between two passionate hearts and learning how to harmonise their differences.