Aries and Libra Compatibility

Aries and Libra

Aries – cardinal fire

Libra cardinal air

Aries and Libra sit directly opposite each other on the wheel of the zodiac, polarities are actually a rather good combination, think yin and yang, one cannot exist without the other.  Any good chef will tell you that some of the most opposing flavours make for the most exciting combinations, and this is especially true for the Libran and the Aries. The Libra admires the courageous Aries, whilst the Aries is intrigued by the Libran’s charm. As Librans often have their head in their clouds with many ideas, an Aries has the passion and the perseverance to help the Libra realise their dreams. Sparks may fly between these two zodiac signs, but there are some potential sticking points. The Aries’ impatience might clash with the Libran’s deliberateness, while the Libran could be left feeling bruised by the Aries’ hasty decisions. But with enough understanding and respect, any difficulties can become stepping stones to a more authentic relationship – one of equality and mutual respect! Aries and Libra may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but these two are well-versed in the balancing act between independence and companionship. They might have to grapple with their own demons of egoism or clinginess, but by navigating these pitfalls together, they can learn to strike the perfect equilibrium – a reward far greater than either could ever imagine!



Both Aries and Libra are Cardinal which means there will be no issues with starting something. They will buzz off each other’s energy and things are likely to move fast, both enjoying the thrilling ride. They will be brimming with ideas and bouncing with enthusiasm, trivial matters and details won’t let this pair stop from fulfilling their dreams.


Aries is a cardinal fire and Libra is cardinal air. Fire and air is a winning combination as the air provides much needed fuel for the fire and since they are both cardinal, together they can create an unstoppable force, a roaring wind with a blazing fire, there is nothing they cannot achieve when their minds have the same intention. Together this couple can grow into a roaring blaze of love, sweeping both off their feet. Aries and Libra may have a sweet chemistry, but if too much of either sign’s traits start to flare up – be it impulsiveness or vacillation – then their flame could fizzle out faster than you can say ‘Love’. That said, balance is an achievable goal with enough respect and understanding from both partners.


Are Libra and Aries compatible?

When it’s good nothing can stop this pair. When it’s bad it could be a series of irreconcilable differences.. When it comes to Aries and Libra, the chemistry can be intoxicating. They may relish in the excitement of the chase, but if they don’t make a genuine effort to learn each other’s perspective, then things may go downhill fast. Finding balance and understanding is key for keeping love alive – and the debate heated!