Aries and Gemini Compatibility

The words spontaneous, adventurous and excitement come to mind when pairing a Gemini with an Aries. These would make perfect partners in love, or crime! Together they’ll have a blast, thanks to their shared appreciation for witty banter, their common vision – that’s sure to include plenty of madcap adventures – and their impressive communication skills that ensure successful collaborations. That doesn’t mean every day is going to be sunshine and rainbows. No relationships come without challenges, but these two are sure to conquer them with a smile on their faces. It’s a veritable loquacious explosion when the Aries and Gemini get together in conversation – they don’t take more than a few seconds to express their thoughts. With both of them being quite forthright, they can quickly debate and bicker, but it doesn’t matter if sparks fly because they know how to make up afterwards. No need for the silent treatment here; these two will make sure that any differences are resolved swiftly and with wit! 

Both the Aries and the Gemini will go to great lengths to get their point across, each with a fervent need to have the last word. The good thing about these two though, is that they both cool down very quickly. The flexibility of one is enough to tame the intensity of the other. The Aries may cry out with determination, but insistent peace-making from the more reasonable Gemini is never too far behind. So any bickering between them will not linger – their arguments flare up quickly, only to be extinguished just as fast.



Gemini is mutable, which means they are easy going and adaptable, willing to change and happy to selflessly fit into other people’s plans. The Aries is Cardinal, an initiator of things (be that arguments, love, or otherwise!). As a natural leader, the cardinal Aries will be brimming with ideas which the mutable Gemini will be more than happy to go along with. 



The Gemini is mutable Air, like a westerly wind subject to changes and easily changing to the conditions, whilst the Aries is a cardinal fire, wild and unstoppable, with the right wind conditions able to guide or grow the mighty blaze. Like a raging inferno and a gust of wind, the fire and air come together in perfect equilibrium. The heat from the blazing flames provides force to the air while the cooling breeze stokes their natural combustibility – both flow eternally in what feels like a dance of sorts. A true source of strength for one another, they never cease to amaze with their powerful collaboration.


Are Aries and Gemini Compatible??

I think it’s safe to say, that is a resounding yes. Of course, there is a chance that the relationship could strike a fatal blow with a war of words, but if both of these signs remember to consider each other’s well hidden feelings this is a perfect match. Tying into each other like an intricate pattern, the Gemini’s malleable nature melds marvellously with the Aries’ incessant longing for action and excitement. What follows soon after is a relationship that’s one of warmth, joy, and no shortage of thrills!