Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries -Cardinal Fire, Cancer  – Cardinal Water

The forthcoming nature of the Aries can work well to bring the sensitive Cancer to finally let their more sensitive side come out of their emotional shell and embrace the world with open arms. Like a key unlocking the door, it’s an unstoppable force that changes everything – in no time at all, their boundaries bloom into something never imagined before. A Cancerian is incredibly empathetic and intuitive, and Aries, by contrast, has more of a gung-ho attitude with their feelings but actually both of these signs like to take action and move things along. Aries may be more upfront with their feelings than Cancerians, who like to pretend nothing is wrong under that shell. So how will this pair fare? Aries no-nonsense approach is actually received rather well by a Cancerian who also favours directness and, being a cardinal sign themselves, they are no stranger to making things happen! However, sometimes, the accidental insensitivities of the Aries have the propensity to cause hurt to a Cancerian that may run deeper than they let on. This needs to be watched for because there is a little risk of miscommunication and anger brewing when things aren’t resolved quickly and honestly. 


Both the Aries and Cancer are cardinal, this means they both have a desire for action, new beginnings and won’t let anything hold them up if their hearts are set. They will easily move forward in a relationship and enjoy sharing joint goals. However, due to their very different approaches to life, if there is a chasm between their opinions, it may be difficult to resolve. As they are both natural leaders, it will be a challenge for either to relent and follow for once, or for either to lean on the other for support when they need it.


The Cardinal Water sign Cancer is a nurturing sign and these people tend to be very emotional (though they often hide their sensitive side very well!) The Cardinal Aries is like a wild spark of flame that looks for ways to quickly grow, and make positive changes happen. When the Cardinal Water Cancer meets a Cardinal Fire Aries, it can feel as if they’ve found the perfect blend of nurturing emotion and passionate energy! Though a careful balance needs to be struck between two elemental forces; the boiling heat of Fire and the cooling depth of Water can clash, causing either a rage that boils over or a passion that simply sizzles out. Both need to be kept in check to avoid disaster – for this relationship to last these two will need to give each other the space when they need it and then things will simmer along nicely. 

Are Cancer and Aries Compatible?

The watery depths of Cancer can provide solace and comfort, where an Aries might find a home away from the heat of their own independence. One rests in the arms of security while the other seeks out the thrill of daring feats – but together they can both find the nourishment they need to thrive. Two different souls, aligned yet unique each bringing different energies and approaches to life that can work very well together in the right circumstances, of course there is a communication risk, but isn’t that the case for all couples? Every relationship has risks – and effective compromise is key in maintaining balance. It’s like a beautiful duet with no sheet music, yet managed by both parties with perfect harmony. Each side must take time to truly get to know the other to truly make this relationship work.