Aries and Aquarius COMPATIBILITY

Aries and Aquarius

Quirky unconventional Aquarius seeks rebellious maverick Aries to enjoy getting up to mischief and no good! These two, though they might not like to admit it, have a lot of similarities under the surface! Neither are likely to shy away from their own personalities to fit in, which is why these two have a really special chemistry that is hard to deny!

The unyielding quirkiness of the Aquarius fascinates the Aries. The Aquarius admires the enthusiasm and boldness of the Aries! Both signs have a keen intellect and unusual sense of humour, they will enjoy chasing topics all night long. Neither sign will relent to fit in, they are both tenaciously attached to their own ideas and will compete for the last word. This can be a lot of fun for both signs, but if they disagree on something it can be hard for either to give in.


Aries is a Cardinal and Aquarius is fixed. The fixed signs find it hard to relent and have a certain way of doing things, despite being unconventional the fixed aquarian is not overly keen on change. Cardinals on the other hand are action takers and don’t always think things through properly, preferring action to talking. This can be a source of frustration for both the Aries and the Aquarius.




The Aquarius is a fixed Air sign and Aries is Cardinal fire. Aquarius tends to have their own way of doing things, they don’t conform and they get a thrill out of being different and unyielding to external elements. They do things properly, according to them! The cardinal fire Aries  on the other hand is an initiator, an action taker with a leadership attitude and may struggle to get the Aquarian air to yield to their leadership. Fire and Air is a wonderful combination that sparks something special! When these two elements come together, it’s like two forces merging to create one beautiful flame. But for this union to last, both need to be careful not to overpower the other. A delicate balance of energy allows for a warm and cosy love that can withstand the test of time, with plenty of good humour too. 



Are Aries and Aquarius compatible?

They are a very good compatibility, both signs hold an exquisite intellect and will bounce ideas, debate and revel in each other’s eccentricity. They both enjoy independence and will give each other space to be. However, there will need to be compromise in arguments and both will need to allow each other to express themselves fully in order to resolve any conflicts. Listen with your heart and this relationship will go far.