Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius – Fixed Air

There is no sign more stubborn, nor as beautifully bonkers, as Aquarius! These waterbearers are not just known for their relentless need to be right, they are also the most caring and careful of all. They are also though, wonderfully complex. The thing about Aquarian’s is that they embody two competing sides to their souls. They are both rigid rule followers, and total anarchists. The ratio of this mix changes like the wind. Ultimately, although these seem like opposing qualities (and we could talk for hours on how that makes Aquarian’s feel!) Aquarius uses their unique qualities and skills to push for the same thing. Somehow, they manage to get their most conflicting traits to work in harmony to help others. This is a sign that needs the world to know better, so it can do better. They refuse to be satisfied with things being ok, they want them to be perfect. They are sticklers for systems. They want everything just so. And then, just when you think you know what you are dealing with, they do something so outrageous and so unexpected, that it makes you wonder if you ever knew them at all! So when two of these creatures come together, it is a force to be reckoned with. Often, these two spark the rebellious side of each other. They find all the conflicting facets of their characters reflected in one another, and the chemistry is nothing short of electrifying! That doesn’t mean though, that a relationship will be plain sailing. These two are absolutely committed to their own way of doing things and to be being right! They meet their match in another Aquarian, which is just the kind of challenge they relish! This si a relationship that will be beautifully romantic, make perfect sense on paper, and will never, ever be boring!



Aquarius is a fixed sign. These two prefer routine and are creatures of habit. They like to know what is what before they make decisions, and they prefer plans to be stuck to. Having this in common is great for the relationship, as long as they are both in agreement about the right way round to do things and are both headed in the same direction. 



Aquarius is an Air sign. When two Air signs get together it can be like a warm breeze, a breath of fresh air that blows out the cobwebs… Or like a non stop hurricane of disagreement! These two are rational and reasonable but boy can they blow hot and cold. Confused? Me too. Luckily, nobody else needs to understand these guys. They have an incredibly tight bond because they just GET each other on a level few can compete with. 



Are Aquarius and Aquarius Compatible?

Two Aquarians together are less like peas in a pod, and more like clouds in the sky. When they meet each other they tend to merge as one. They get each other like nobody else does and see each other for all of their quirks and irritabilities! These two are also notorious for changing quicker than the wind though, and when they are being blown in different directions they find each other extremely annoying! This is a relationship that will work forever, but it will have major ups and downs. There will be periods of perfect understanding, and infuriating disagreements that lead to more questions than answers. Luckily, these two know that better than anybody, and are well equipped for the challenge.