Libra Personality insights

Jonathan Cainer on Libra personality:

My Dad described Libra like this:

“As the zodiac’s appointed guardian of justice a Libran’s task is perhaps the most thankless of all: to weigh intellect against intuition and the need to be fair against the need to be firm. In so doing, Librans are often obliged to make choices few people can understand. This cosmic burden they bear with eternal grace and good humour.”

Libra Sign Traits

Peaceful, fair, gracious, easygoing. A fun loving zodiac sign with a love of harmony.

Libra personality insights from Jemima Cainer

What do a fox and a chicken have in common? Ask a Libra. They might not know the answer straight away but they would probably find the challenge of getting these most unlikely of room mates to cohabit in harmony absolutely irresistible. Give them to a Libra to look after. You might expect in a few days to find the Chicken eaten and the Fox well fed, but with a Libra in charge you might be surprised to find them sharing a kitchen and making friends!

Librans are traditionally the most charming members of the zodiac. They are blessed with immense social power and can adjust themselves to fit in like a chameleon. They also have the ability to instigate great changes and achieve the impossible. Libran’s understand social etiquette and undercurrents. They want to feel accepted. But they also have a desire to influence those around them and leave an impression. They inspire co-operation with well placed tact and an incredible ability to see conflict from all sides. Philosophically Libran’s are just like the scales in their symbol. They weigh up decisions, pros and cons and cannot help but make things fair. Sometimes though, they can get a bit lost in their desire to please everybody all of the time and this flip flopping between sides can get a bit messy. It comes always form the purest of hearts – Libran’s hate to see others suffer because they have enormous hearts. They do everything they do for the greater good. Libran’s irresistible charm has away of making everybody feel special. They don’t turn this charm on when they are truly comfortable and secretly they want to be accepted for who they truly are.  


What should you know if your sign is Libra

Libran’s are sociable, they can’t help but bring everybody along with them and invite the whole class to their party. They have a wonderful creative energy and they use this to sweeten life for themselves and those around them. Libran’s sometimes get accused of not being able to make up their mind, or of changing it too often. It can make them come across as fickle and flippant when they are anything but! They often care deeply about this and worry that they have never got enough time to see their vast variety of friends, or give them the attention they deserve. They are their own worst critics and looking too far forward for them can get overwhelming – it presents far too many potential variables to be considered and weighed! Libran’s just need to stay in the moment and let their diplomacy and gift for logic shine. Libran’s are great at promoting peace but can struggle to achieve this for themselves on the inside. They have a habit of overthinking that can prevent them from settling and sometimes they need a reminder to turn their beacon of compassionate grace inwards now and again. 

Libra Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You have a gracious and fair mind that allows you to promote peaceful cohesion wherever you go. You shine like a light of justice and spark genuine joy from all that you meet. You are the most love-able sign in the zodiac and that’s not because of how much you try to keep everybody happy with your loving ways. People love you for who you are inside even though just watching you make your mind up can be exhausting!. Once you make a decision you commit to it and see it through with impressive balance. On a bad day: When things get too much you can become crippled with indecision and self doubt. You can find yourself over compromising and bending too far to accommodate somebody elses will. When the balance tips too far that way your compassionate cooperative outlook can transform to confrontation. Then you end up full circle again and end up gushing to make people feel better! Just take a little breath and give yourself a break. You don’t have to please all the people all the time. There are days when it’s ok to just do your best and take a well deserved rest.
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