J Cainer Libra horoscope

Libra Monday

Well now what then hmm? What can you occupy yourself with now that you have executed every plan and cracked on with the copious amounts on your to do list? Of course there are some things that never seem to be finished, but aren’t you feeling a little bit, well… bored?! An inspiring change in circumstances is on its way into your life. Enjoy the ride!

Libra week 14 – 20 July

They say that patience is a virtue, but does that mean that taking action is therefore a bad thing? A week in your world is rarely quiet and generally refuses to stand still. You can expect nothing different from this week as the planets push you towards realising your potential. There is much you can gain from the wisdom of those with more experience along the way but watch out for unwarranted negativity and naysayers!

Libra Year Ahead 2024

Confidence in your own power will grow in 2024 as Jupiter connects with Uranus and then moves into Gemini. Libran’s get accused of being indecisive, but deep down you know exactly what you want, you have just been allowing doubt to creep in with questions about how you will get it. This year is set to show you that the pay off for all of your recent hard work is within reach. The changes which are on their way for you are here to stay and being proved right will improve your self esteem and help you to fulfil your desire to support others to realise their potential too. 

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