J Cainer Libra horoscope

Libra Tuesday

Right now, the best thing you can do is decide where you want to be next. Then forget about it. Let that goal and intention, of finding yourself on your feet with a lightness to your step and a happiness in your heart, slip to the back of your mind. Better yet, plant it, like a little seed. Bed it down for now, and get on with the here and now. You may yet find that the upcoming storms bring the rain that is required to help your little dream grow into a reality. The winds of change are about to blow away the worry about whether you are doing the right thing.

Libra week 16 – 22 June

Humans are very good at feeling collectively clever. The world is run by groups and governments who are sure they are doing the right thing, and congratulating themselves on a job well done. People on the whole, tend to be much more divided when it comes to forming their opinions about where things have gone wrong, and what to do next about it. The moon in your sign combined with your ruling planet in sensitive Cancer is bringing up a lot of emotion for you this week. You may feel inclined to pick apart why that is. If you can resist the urge to think about what is going on, and instead, act according to what is in your heart, you will benefit from karmic kindness that allows something to work smarter for you. The Solstice will make sure of that.

Libra Year Ahead 2024

Confidence in your own power will grow in 2024 as Jupiter connects with Uranus and then moves into Gemini. Libran’s get accused of being indecisive, but deep down you know exactly what you want, you have just been allowing doubt to creep in with questions about how you will get it. This year is set to show you that the pay off for all of your recent hard work is within reach. The changes which are on their way for you are here to stay and being proved right will improve your self esteem and help you to fulfil your desire to support others to realise their potential too. 

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