J Cainer
Libra Horoscope

Libra Thursday

Have you ever played Poker for fun without real money? When there is no skin in the game, people act crazy – going all in and taking risks and chances that whilst they make the game fun, it is not exactly tactical. Put even the smallest amount of money and people sit up a little straighter – get their Poker face on and take the game much more seriously. Whilst you might not be gambling for money in your current situation, you do need to remind yourself that the decisions you make now will give you much higher rewards if you play your cards right.

Libra week 19-25 May

It would get very boring very quickly if we got what we wanted all of the time, without having to wait. We know that rewards feel much sweeter when we have had enough time to anticipate them coming. This week, as your ruling planet connects with Jupiter, the universe has decided that you have waited patiently for long enough. Get ready for a pleasing result and an exciting opportunity.

Year Ahead

Confidence in your own power will grow in 2024 as Jupiter connects with Uranus and then moves into Gemini. Libran’s get accused of being indecisive, but deep down you know exactly what you want, you have just been allowing doubt to creep in with questions about how you will get it. This year is set to show you that the pay off for all of your recent hard work is within reach. The changes which are on their way for you are here to stay and being proved right will improve your self esteem and help you to fulfil your desire to support others to realise their potential too.