Libra horoscope Year Ahead 2023

Libra Horoscope year ahead 2023

This year you are entering a period of your life where you have some intense growth. This may not be a pain free process, every learning curve has moments of uphill struggle, but be assured that it will be very worth it as you can make some real positive changes that have lasting impact on your future. 


If something looks too good to be true in the first half of the year it may not be worth wasting your time with. From February to April you are going to find yourself with the zest of energy you need to transform any lemons from the last year into a lemonade that quenches your thirst for a successful new start.

By focussing your mind on your goals the choices you make will carry you through this year and help remind you of where you are going. Your ruling planet moves retrograde in July and may have you revisiting a creative project that you had put to one side but could hold real value. You may find yourself struggling to make decisions – is it your head or your heart that’s calling the shots? Take a moment to pause and explore all the options available. Let your intuition be your guide, trust in your own power, and don’t forget to keep an open mind. Sooner than you might expect, you’ll sense which way is right for you.


Once September comes round you will feel much more settled and that should help you prepare for the solar eclipse in your sign in October which promises to start something significant rolling, however, keep your wits about you! The allure of an attractive option can be strong, but don’t let it blind you. Don’t put yourself in a complacent state where you lose sight of the bigger picture. Stay vigilant and make sure to consider all possibilities before making any decisions.

This year you should start to feel able to relax into a better pattern of work/life balance and also feel the benefit of your hard work. Your efforts this year will lead to a newfound sense of satisfaction, contentment, and relaxation. Take some time out to enjoy it all – you’ve earned it!

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