J Cainer Leo horoscope

Leo Monday

In Greek Mythology there are many tales of terrible parents. It is easy to hark on about yesteryear and imagine that in another time, we were all much better at putting others first. In reality though, selfish behaviour and incredibly unfair circumstances have always been a part of our existence. History is no excuse though for the choices you can now make. Be brave enough to offer care to those who need it today.

Leo week 14-20 July

The more emphasis we impart on any area of our life, the more important it appears. Energy flows where our attention goes. What are you now focusing on? Is it enhancing your progress? Is it supporting your prosperity? Are you expending energy which improves your sense of inner peace? You can choose how much nitty gritty you allow to rule your existence. Do not sweat the small stuff this week in order to empower yourself positively!

Leo Year Ahead 2024

Last year through you some major hurdles to leap over. This year, you can expect more major transformation. You are being gifted pockets of celestial empowerment throughout the year which offer an opportunity to truly reach your potential. The Solar Eclipse in April signals a point where you can start to turn the tide for real long term progress. This event has grounding energy which will fuel you towards success and a link with comet Chiron offers a healing new start too.

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