J Cainer
Leo Horoscope

Leo Thursday

Life can be unpredictable, with some things constantly changing and other situations stubbornly remaining stagnant. It’s frustrating when we want things to stay the same or when we try to push for change but feel like we’re getting nowhere. It can be difficult to find the balance between pushing for something different and accepting what we cannot control. Change can be both scary and exciting, and it’s okay to have mixed feelings about it. You have every reason to feel very optimistic about the transformation that is coming.

Leo week 19-25 May

There are some things which you can never have too much of. My Leo son disagrees with me though, about what these are! The thing about the concept of ‘too much of a good thing’ is that it’s often not until after we have overindulged that it becomes apparent. This week as Jupiter, the planet of abundance connects with Venus, there is much to love. Going steady though, is recommended.

Year Ahead

Last year through you some major hurdles to leap over. This year, you can expect more major transformation. You are being gifted pockets of celestial empowerment throughout the year which offer an opportunity to truly reach your potential. The Solar Eclipse in April signals a point where you can start to turn the tide for real long term progress. This event has grounding energy which will fuel you towards success and a link with comet Chiron offers a healing new start too.