Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius

Fighting fire with fire is often talked and sung about. It’s a phrase that is usually used to describe hostility and dirty tactics. When a Leo and a Sagittarian fall out, they do fight dirty. But when things are going well, they also fan each other’s flames into heights of passion that few other combinations can compete with. That is what akes these two so irresistible to each other. They say that Misery loves company, well so does joy, and these two are the most positive and optimistic signs in the zodiac. There is something magical that happens when two fire signs combine. A relationship between these two offers a great opportunity for their best sides to really shine. Sagittarius is generous and wise. Leo is loyal and loving. Both are proud signs and they take things to heart more than they let on. These guys have a great warmth and when they shine their inner light towards each other the passion is really ignited. There is something so warm about these two that people around them can’t help but room for them too. Nobody laughs more than these two together, they see each other’s darker sides and shine a light of humour and understanding there. That is the basis of a wonderfully deep and lasting relationship.



Mutable Sagittarius can adapt to Leo fixed stubborn streak very well. Equally, Leo helps Sagittarius keep themselves right when they are bending to too many whims and wishes that come from other people’s preferences. There are many benefits to this combination – Leo burns strong and bright, and prefers a more static approach to life, while Sagittarius loves going with the flow.  But that doesn’t have to be a problem; if each party can recognise their differences and understand each other’s needs, then this duo can find a peaceful coexistence between their two outlooks. Sure, it might take some compromise for one to bend their static routine for the sake of the other, but such efforts will ultimately pay off. With patience and openness in communication, these two can create a beautiful harmony that brings out the best in both!



Sagittarius is a mutable fire, whilst Leo is a fixed fire. The love between these two fire signs burns hot and bright. The Leo providing the steady warmth, whilst the sagittarius can help merge and incorporate more to build a bigger flame. It is hard to separate this pair, and they will likely be best friends as well as lovers. Fire signs are naturally adventurous, confident and have a magnetic energy surrounding them. This is a hot and passionate union with plenty of sparks flying at all times!


Are Leo and Sagittarius compatible?

These two are best friends, passionate lovers and if they have a disagreement, watch out, because flames will be thrown! The same energy that keeps them fanning the flames of love, can become explosive when they feel like they are not getting the respect they need. Once they have got their tempers in check though, there is nothing holding back this couple who see the best in everybody and every situation.