Jemima Cainer Virgo horoscope

Virgo Tuesday

It is high time for everything to go back to normal. All this upheaval and worry will do nothing for your stress levels, let alone your crows feet and grey hairs! When can you get back to forward planning rather than having to cling to the edge of your seat and fly by the seat of your pants? Aren’t you ready for a break from the drama of changes and longing for a settled mind? Actually, you may just have one last hurrah that finally puts the lid back on the box of frogs your life seems to have become. Decisions are on the horizon that will be immensely helpful for you to find a sense of stability.

Virgo week 16 – 22 June

History can sometimes feel it is repeating itself. There are times in our lives where we recognise traits and patterns from the past, that we thought we had moved well past. These are not just here to haunt us, or to make us feel that lessons have not been learned. They are actually an opportunity to realise how far we have come, and put the knowledge we have gained into action. Looking to the past is helpful, it reminds us how far we have come since the last time we looked over our shoulders. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with your progress, reflect on why that might be. Create a plan to prevent future disappointments and take actionable steps forward. With your ruling planet forming a Sextile to Mars and energised by the Solstice, things will flow effortlessly.


Self actualisation requires moments where you put yourself first. 2024 demands that you take a dose of your own medicine. You are one of the wisest signs and your willingness to help others is second to none. You know all the right answers, but taking your own advice is a different matter! This year promises that you will learn this lesson for good and allows you to forge collaborations which are equitable and promise exciting new starts.

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