Jemima Cainer Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Friday – Sunday

Caterpillars do not turn into butterflies overnight. The process requires disintegration. They cannot reach the heights of fluttering freedom and their truest potential, without first totally reinventing themselves. They surrender entirely to their cocoon and let go of any influence over others. The changes that are on their way into your life are going to set you free – no matter how fearful you may be of what others may or may not be doing. This weekend is the last step before you can start to see visible change. The colours are now forming. Allow yourself to be excited and anticipate a positive outcome.

Taurus week 16 – 22 June

It is much harder to sail a boat without a breeze in the sky. It is even more difficult to try to steer such a vessel against the winds of change. This week, the cosmos is supporting you to change your course. Mars is well and truly transiting your sign. That might feel a little uncomfortable at times. New opportunities often come with uncertainty and cause us some alarm. But if you stop fighting against what is happening naturally you will feel much lighter in your heart and mind. Focus your attention on the destination you are striving towards. The path ahead might differ from your initial plans and stir some uncertainty, yet rest assured—the Solstice confirms it’s the right direction for you.

Year ahead

Taurus year ahead 2024

This year, major planetary connections in your sign will have you wondering how you lived life before. From April, big shifts in your life will start to take shape and the impact of Uranus joining forces with Jupiter will leave your world crackling with the energy of positive change. There is much to look forward to this year. You are more ready than you may realise for things to start looking different in your world and 2024 promises that little will remain the same. This may sound a little bit unnerving. Trust though that the cosmos is conspiring in your favour this year and trust too, that anything which appears to be lost along the way which is truly meant for your happiness will find its way back to you when the time is right.

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