J Cainer Libra horoscope

Libra Friday – Sunday

Some people never grow up. They spend forever spinning in circles of immature decisions and ignoring the things they really ought to be dealing with. Immediately, upon reading this, you will either have felt superior, as I couldn’t possibly be talking about you, or suddenly worried that I know about what you have been burying your head in the sand about! Humans have a tendency to cling to the idea of somebody else being grown up. Of making the tough decisions for them. You are more capable than you are giving yourself credit for.

Libra week 23-29 June

The thing about growth is, it takes time. The more we focus on a situation, the harder we strain to see signs of progress, the more we manage to convince ourselves that nothing is happening… But, when we move away and distract ourselves, and return to take another look… Suddenly, buds are bursting and shoots have sprung. This week the cosmos is bringing a long process to fruition for you. Outcomes which feel overdue are ready to be harvested.

Libra Year Ahead 2024

Confidence in your own power will grow in 2024 as Jupiter connects with Uranus and then moves into Gemini. Libran’s get accused of being indecisive, but deep down you know exactly what you want, you have just been allowing doubt to creep in with questions about how you will get it. This year is set to show you that the pay off for all of your recent hard work is within reach. The changes which are on their way for you are here to stay and being proved right will improve your self esteem and help you to fulfil your desire to support others to realise their potential too. 

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