J Cainer Leo horoscope

Leo Friday – Sunday

What is now glittering and tempting you is not the gold that it appears to be. What lies ahead of you, is a path paved with ever shifting stones. There is another option. Another route to a better and ultimately more satisfying venture. Your ruler, the Sun has moved into sensitive water sign Cancer, this change is bringing out a more protective and sensitive side. Opt out of unnecessary drama, you have the power to release anything that is no longer serving you.

Leo week 23-29 June

The harder we fight against the natural course of the universe the more we tire ourselves. Unfortunately, though you have great inner strength and power, you may not be able to get everything just the way you prefer it right now. Does that mean you should just give up? Not at all! The planets this week are lending you the wisdom you need to see where to let go, and where you should dig in a little firmer. A compromise can be reached when you choose where it makes the most sense to focus your energy now.

Leo Year Ahead 2024

Last year through you some major hurdles to leap over. This year, you can expect more major transformation. You are being gifted pockets of celestial empowerment throughout the year which offer an opportunity to truly reach your potential. The Solar Eclipse in April signals a point where you can start to turn the tide for real long term progress. This event has grounding energy which will fuel you towards success and a link with comet Chiron offers a healing new start too.

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