Gemini horoscope FROM JEMIMA CAINER

Gemini Monday

You have found yourself now on the precipice of a thousand wonderful things falling perfectly into place. Why then do you still feel the niggling doubts and uncertainty about your capabilities? You can be your own harshest critic. You would never subject another to so much pressure. And somewhere you know this! A little break will not leave everything broken. Give yourself a little patience today.

Gemini week 14 – 20 July

A little of what we fancy is good for us. Too much though, and we can soon feel the revenge of overindulgence. This week is offering you a chance to readjust the balance. There is no need to go wild on any great plans for an overhaul. A tweak in the right place and a necessary boundary will make the difference for you to feel you are back on top. You have the wisdom you need to know where to draw the line this week.

Year ahead

Jupiter, the planet of exuberance and ego is giving your self confidence a major boost in 2024 and you should start to see opportunities landing in your lap. This is the year that you get to make choices to do what is best without the need for seeking approval. That’s exciting and a little unnerving too! To make the most of the cosmic forces which are encouraging you to leap at your chance for more freedom and a brighter future, lean into the connections you have to wise friends and surround yourself with the grounding energy of those who want to see you do well. What you choose to focus on in 2024 will come to fruition, especially if you are looking to make an important and positive difference in the wider world. 

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