J Cainer Cancer horoscope

Cancer Friday – Sunday

Forgiveness is not for the faint hearted. It is not the same as just sweeping things under the carpet. It requires work. That is why so many of us pretend to have moved on or forgotten, rather than confront what is difficult to process and truly let go of. Forgiveness though, has more benefits for those who put in the work to truly free themselves from the shackles of resentment, than it does for those who may have transgressed. The Sun has moved into your sign, this, along with a Powerful Full Moon in Capricorn this weekend, is just what you need to let go and step forward to the future you deserve.

Cancer week 23-29 June

When we martyr ourselves to a cause we often inadvertently lose our power over the outcome. When you have been giving your all for so long, the idea of stopping can be a little intimidating. We worry about what we give up, if we give ourselves permission to put on the brakes. But sometimes, taking a step back is the best way to get things going again. You may not feel valued appropriately but you have done your best. Finally this Full Moon in Capricorn is bringing understanding to your perspective, and acknowledgement of your plight.

Year ahead

This year will require you to hold on tight. Your ruler, the Moon is powering up to offer some much needed global guidance and you will feel this on a deeper level than any other sign. You have the strength you need to carry you through this year but there will be moments when the excitement of change borders on unsettling. If you cannot stand on firm ground allow yourself to float with the tides of change, don’t swim against the current. Let yourself be carried by the cosmic forces at play to where they know you will be better off. You have more clout than you realise in the choices you make but for your own wellbeing, do not try to force anything. The right things will emerge at the right time, though it may not suit your schedule, you are better able to adapt than you recognise!

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