J Cainer
Aries Horoscope

Aries Tuesday

One step forwards two steps backwards, three to the left and one to the right. You could be forgiven for thinking you are learning the steps to some crazy new dance routine given the amount of pirouettes you have had to pivot lately! You might be wondering how much more you can actually take! Well you needn’t worry, because you are about to waltz breezily forward without having to think too much about where your feet are. Your mind knows what to do.

Aries week 21 – 27 July

It would be lazy of me to suggest that by working hard and focussing this week, you will achieve success. It is easy to state the obvious and make vague, optimistic suggestions. This week though, the cosmos above us, is suggesting that where you focus your intellect and attention, is exactly where you will reap regards and see real results. Your ruler, Mars has entered Gemini and then makes a trine with Pluto in Aquarius that encourages the flow of revolutionary energy.You are capable of making a stance that will allow you to generate lasting change and do something amazing for your future. Energy flows where your attention goes, and your focus is invigorated.

Year Ahead

This year begins in a similar way to how you operate, with a strong start! You ruling planet Mars is moving through Capricorn in January and empowering you to take some serious steps in the right direction. This is setting the tone for a year when you can probably conquer pretty much anything you put your mind to and set your sights on. Usually, you  swoop into action with little forethought but this year allows you a little more strategy. 2024 promises some real long term benefits for your future. By April you will start to see what these may look like, though Uranus will have some curveballs to throw at you and keep things exciting enough to maintain your interest in the process of change.

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