Jemima cainer at Glastonbury

The headlining acts at the festival might be from different genres but several of them share the same Sun Sign. Check out who you share your sun sign with and find out what’s in store over the weekend for you and these big names:


Ann Marie 7th April 1991

Bonobo 30th march 1976 If you are born under the sign of the Ram you share your pioneering spirit and sense of enthusiasm with Dance artists Bonobo and Ann Marie. The synergy between Aries energy and Dance music has great strength and as an Aries you have the ability to galvanise those around you, inspiring them to take action. On Saturday, as your ruling planet Mars connects with Venus, the Moon also moves into your sign. The cosmos is blessing you with the ability to bring something new and joyful into being. 



Michael Kiwanuka born 3 May 1987


Taureans like you, and Michael Kiwanuka whose sensual voice and honest lyrics offer a moment of soulful connection, have a deep and powerful connection to the physical earth. Sometimes, such power can be a little intimidating. People often find raw honesty and authenticity hard to process in a world filled with fakes. This weekend, reclaiming the power of your determination and finding the confidence to follow your intuition is being cosmically encouraged by your ruling planet Venus connecting positively in a sextile with Mars, the planet of action and vitality. 


According to sources the band SEVENTEEN formed in their current band on the May 26, 2015 making the Band as a whole a Gemini

Ayra Starr 14th June 2002

Jordan rakei 23rd may 1992

Soccer mommy may 27th 1997

Aurora 15th june 1996

If you are a Gemini then you share your sign with a dynamic bunch of acts performing at this year’s festival. Some Gemini traits get a little bit of hate but for this festival period you should find a warm and appreciative audience for your most wonderful qualities. Geminis are flexible – you have the ability to react and adapt to your environment that makes even stress and chaos look easy for you to deal with. Perhaps that’s why you are so good at connecting with people and lightening their emotional load – the power of a good conversation this weekend is a force for positive change.


Paloma Faith – Cancer 21st July 1981

Burna Boy – CANCER 2nd July 1991

Cyndi Lauper – A Cancerian born on the 22nd of June 1953

Peggy Gou 3rd july 1991


Everybody knows cancerians are sensitive and caring but it’s easy to forget that they are also a Cardinal sign. That makes them incredible strong too! If you are a Cancer you share your sign with all of these powerhouse acts who are performing at Glastonbury festival this year. This weekend, as Venus and Mercury move through your sign and make positive connections to Mars, and Uranus respectively, surprises and blessings are in store. Celebrating what makes you different and speaking out compassionately will be well received this weekend.


Sofia kourtsis 18 august 1985

Dua Lipa – LEO 22nd August 1995

Rommy 19th august 1989

Arlo parks 9th august 2000

Mdou moctar 16th august 1984

Barry can’t swim august 22th

Leo’s are no stranger to the spotlight and this year at Glastonbury there are several performers ready to take to the stage who share the sign rules by the Sun itself. Being a Leo makes you, and all of these artists, natural leaders. Being a leader though is never easy and even those born under this sign who have a high self esteem sometimes get a little bit of pre-show nerves! This weekend though, there is nothing to worry about. Your ruling planet the Sun is moving through Cancer now and protecting you with a glow of support. People find you inspiring, let yourself be proud of what makes you stand out. 


Shania Twain – VIRGO August 28th 1965

Noname September 18 1991

King krule 24th August 1994

Virgos like you and the incredible artists who share your sign are renowned for being strategic and efficient. You are also incredibly kind. You employ your skills to nourish the world around into becoming a better place and it is easy for you to spot what needs supporting at what time. Being good at planning though usually means that you can see what could go wrong. That can feel heavy to carry! This weekend though, as your ruling planet Mercury, currently in caring cancer, connects with Uranus the planet of freedom, you should find a surprising lightness which comes through communicating what’s in your heart.


Jessie Ware – 15th October 84 Libra

PJ Harvey 9th October 1969

Avril Levigne 27th September 1984

Brittany howard 2nd october 1988

James blake 26 september 1988

Ghetts 9th october1984

Dj spen 13th october 1968

This year’s festival welcomes several incredible Libran acts and promises show stopping performances. Even if you are not taking to a mainstage this weekend, if you are a Libra too, you can benefit from a burst of energy as your ruling planet connects harmoniously with Mars, the planet of vitality and willpower. This is auspicious for some wonderful and the bravery it takes to do something new. Music, like any art, is subjective to the beholder. What moves us can sometimes surprise us even when we think we know ourselves well enough to know what we like. Over the festival period you should find yourself pleasantly delighted by something exciting!


SZA – 8th November 1989 – SCORPIO

Sampha  16 november 1998

Jamiexx 28th october 1998

As a Scorpio you have an intensity and power like no other sign. Scorpio is the biggest constellation in our night sky and these acts are sure to captivate the attention of the audience and leave them in awe. This weekend, your historic ruler Mars in making a positive connection with Venus the planet of love and harmony. The song you sing, and the metaphorical music you make, is being cosmically energised to a frequency that will inspire those around you. Do not shy away from your power this weekend, let your inner strength bless you with the rewards you now deserve. 



Janelle Monae – Sagittarius 1st December 1985 

Baxter dury 18th december 1971

Elisea rose 28th november 1991

Sagittarians are natural performers. If you are lucky enough to be born under this sign, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, you share an energetic connection with these amazing performers who are taking to the stage at this years Glastonbury festival. Sagittarians have an inner wisdom that means they know that any performance needs to come from the heart. You need to believe in what you say and what you sing. This weekend, as the Moon enters fellow fire sign Aries, your innate optimism and exciteable energy will carry what’s in your heart to find appreciative ears. Making a powerful and positive impact is now possible.



Declan mckenna 24th december 1998

Capricorns are not just hardworking. Nor are they only good for being sensible and surefooted. If you are a Capricorn, like Declan Mckenna, you are also blessed with the impressive Cardinal power it takes to break new ground and to be recognised for your efforts. As your ruling planet Saturn stands still this weekend it creates space for your voice to be heard and your message to be recognised. Do not doubt your ability to make an impact now, your creativity is being highlighted as is your ability to push any self imposed boundaries. Dare to do what’s in your heart and you will find yourself cosmically supported.



Remmi wolf february 2nd 1996

Masego 8th june 1993

Asha puthuli feb 4th 1995

Aquarians are weird and wonderful creatures. One of your best and most mesmerising qualities is the knack you have for the element of surprise. Just when people think they have worked you out, you flash them another angle which shines just as brightly and often demands a gasp of amazement from your admirers! You are not just one sided and this weekend the planets insist you reveal a hidden talent. This weekend, your ruling planet Uranus makes a wonderful connection to Mercury in Cancer, allowing you to get across a message with surprising sensitivity and to make yourself heard. 


Chris Martin (Coldplay) – Pisces 2nd March 1977

Camilla Cabello – Pisces 3rd March 1997

Little Simz – PISCES 23rd Feb 1994

Olivia Dean 14th March 1999

Corrine Bailey Rae 26th Feb 1979

Danny brown march 16th 1981

Aroo 11th 1985

As a Piscean you are profoundly creative. You also have a sensitivity that allows you to respond to the world around you with compassion and a dep understanding. Under the sign of the fishes, who swim in the endless sea, ever transforming themselves through immersion in the natural cycles of the universe, you share a Sun sign and your energetic frequency with the above list of unbelievable performers who are blessing us with their talents this weekend. As Saturn stands still in Pisces this weekend it promises a moment of recognition for work and a vessel to be crafted that allows the magic of your efforts to be poured outwards into an adoring crowd.