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There are times when your natural efficiency makes people wonder if you’re some kind of robotic hybrid. You’re never ruthless without good reason, but your mind tends to reduce even complex problems down to their basic parts. This is what makes you so capable. And it’s also what causes others to feel a bit intimidated. Your prowess makes them aware of their sense of inadequacy. Today, the link between your ruling planet and Venus allows you to show your gentlest side. You can be efficient, and encouraging. Perfect!

This week

Real progress takes time. There is no point in rushing processes which will actually benefit from being left alone. Like a good stew, or curry, the key to rich flavour, is in the length of time allowed for things to develop naturally. A rapid boil only leads to wonderful potential being lost through evaporation. Though you are hungry for a conclusion and ready to feel satiated, unfortunately, the solution you have been cooking in your pot is not quite ready to be served. Turn things down and let them work their magic. Distract yourself with a good book… Things are moving. Be patient.

Last week

In my day job, when I am not writing horoscopes, I spend all of my time herding and rearing children. Much like kittens, they do not like to walk in a straight line, or to conform to the plan of getting A to be (or my house to school) in a timely fashion. On some days, the sheer effort of co-ordinating nine or ten sets of feet to arrive somewhere on time leaves me feeling quite tired. But they never fail to make me laugh. I know what you are going through is hard. This week, try to focus on any moments of frivolity and you will find your energy levels restored.

Month ahead

Capricorn Month ahead November 2023

Growth takes time. You know better than most, that practising patience and staying steady usually leads to a bountiful harvest. Sometimes though, in order to keep growing, sacrifices must be made. We face difficult decisions about what needs to be trimmed in order for the whole to thrive. The work on self improvement is no different. There are some seedlings which may need to be thinned a little on the way. In November, do not doubt that each step you are taking is leading you closer to the fruits you have laboured for. Good outcomes are forming roots this month.

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Year ahead

Capricorn year ahead 2023

January may bring a weight of uncertainty and worry, but come February, be comforted in the knowledge that your labours will start to bear fruit. Take solace in the small victories and find strength in your own resilience, for things will soon begin to ease.
If you can give yourself the same patience you allow for others you will greatly relieve any feelings of frustrations. Pluto is leaving your sign from March but it’s giving one final push at unearthing anything that has been buried and bringing things to light so don’t be surprised if the first few months of 2023 feel like non-stop skeletons falling out of closets!
This may be a little uncomfortable but by lightening your load and letting things out in the open you can align yourself with your real purpose and remember who you are and what it is that you stand for. No matter what it feels like, you are not losing your mind if you feel like you just can’t let something lie in the first few months of the year. You may not feel you have enough detail to make a decision with the clarity that is required. You have much more power to transform your difficulties into a positive foundation than you realise though so don’t overthink things. Rather than ruminating and agonising, trust in your own capabilities to get things done.
April’s eclipse will reveal a hidden layer to you and allow you to see the direction you want to take things in. it will offer a secret glimpse into the future, shining a light on the path you wish to take. Do not hesitate to pursue your dreams and follow your heart, as this eclipse is a unique opportunity for an extra cosmic push in the right direction.
Your love life gets a serious review in the middle of the year too and you might just find yourself making big decisions that have a long lasting legacy in your romantic life.
Between June and November you will find yourself getting your ducks in a row and revisiting areas of your life related to your higher vision and ideals. Questioning any endings this year is normal and expected. Doubt and uncertainty are the cornerstone of growth. This year may be the time to reflect upon the decisions made – after all, there’s no point in second-guessing yourself if you have done all that you can.
This year, you can finally put to bed the things in your life that no longer serve you and move forward with a clean slate and clear opportunities.

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