J Cainer
Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Thursday

If you always listened to your worst fears, would you ever try anything at all? Or would you end up in a pity party for one for all eternity? You are not as much of a bad guy as you have recently painted yourself. You have less to atone for, than you now feel you should be paying penance for. Unless you really have committed any major atrocities (in which case feel free to hand yourself in and cage yourself up accordingly!) It is time that you show yourself the same tolerance and compassion you offer to those around you.

Capricorn week 19-25 May

The grass, so they say, is not any greener. Why then does it sometimes appear as if where you are standing is in good need of a water and perhaps some seeds? Why does that situation over there look so appealing?! This week you are set to see that where you are is actually the perfect spot to receive a reward well earned… Don’t miss it by being too preoccupied with another person’s patch.

Year Ahead

The celestial forces which have been rocking your world are shifting gear in 2024 and paving the way for a clearer run at meeting your higher potential. Pluto finally moves from your sign this year and allows you to find some much needed stability but on its way out there will be some quakes for you to conquer. This is nothing you cannot handle. Great change only comes through a period of discomfort and this is ultimately empowering you to create the life you truly want. What you stand to gain in 2024, is the freedom to make a real impact in the area you are most focused on. Connect with your inner wisdom to guide you towards making a difference.