J Cainer
Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Thursday

If only we could persuade people of what we know to be true, without having to exert ourselves. Wouldn’t life be so much easier, if we all just got on with things and did what we needed to get done in the right way, without having to struggle through so many mistakes? Actually, mistakes are what allow us to learn. All primary school teachers know this. And yet even the most grown up of grown ups seem to be so afraid of messing up, that they live their lives avoiding saying what could really help. You will find it easier to be honest, and to help somebody else learn an important message.

Cancer week 19-25 May

They say that not all that glitters is gold. That’s as maybe but you know all too well that the things which have real value in life are not necessarily sparkly! This week though, as the Full Moon in Sagittarius opens up an opportunity for you, do not hold back from going after what you feel inspired to seek out. It may not be gold, but riches and precious moments are waiting to be discovered.

Year Ahead

This year will require you to hold on tight. Your ruler, the Moon is powering up to offer some much needed global guidance and you will feel this on a deeper level than any other sign. You have the strength you need to carry you through this year but there will be moments when the excitement of change borders on unsettling. If you cannot stand on firm ground allow yourself to float with the tides of change, don’t swim against the current. Let yourself be carried by the cosmic forces at play to where they know you will be better off. You have more clout than you realise in the choices you make but for your own wellbeing, do not try to force anything. The right things will emerge at the right time, though it may not suit your schedule, you are better able to adapt than you recognise!