Is Astrology Real?

The age old question answered - is astrology real or not? The answer might surprise you.

A question I get asked a lot and indeed have questioned myself many times. Is Astrology real? The answer of course depends on who you ask. .

In the early 1600s, big-shot scientists like Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler, and Pierre Gassendi, who are mainly famous for their contributions to modern physics and astronomy, were actually pretty into astrology. While Galileo Galilei is primarily celebrated for his groundbreaking work in physics and astronomy, he was also a practising Astrologer and used his ability to make a little extra money. He produced a text titled “Opere Il Saggiatore” (“The Assayer”), published in 1623, where he discussed the nature of comets and their possible astrological influences. In this work, he explored the idea that comets could be used as indicators or omens, a belief that was in line with astrological thinking. Of course, being a Piscean, Galileo had a knack for seeing deeper and a better attunement towards the mystical than many of his contemporaries!

Of course, you didn’t come here for a history lesson, you came to ask – Is astrology real?

The more accurate question that I think you may really want answering, is can Astrology really influence our lives? Are our personalities truly mapped by the stars’ positions? Do we have free will or is every action we take, at the mercy of a retrograde mercury or a Moon in Scorpio?!

What is the definition of real astrology?

Astrology is a practice which even Astrologers struggle to agree upon the definition of. Is it an art? Divination? Some kind of Science? There are some Astrologers who insist that Sun Sign Astrology, like you read in the papers, is so far removed from the truth of the subject that it is a little embarrassing to even be associated with it! Many serious astronomers and scientists insist that this ancient practice cannot possibly be influential in our lives because they tend to be rather rigidly stuck to their own ideas about the universe… To get to the bottom of how ‘real’ Astrology is, it is important to consider how we look at ‘proof’. Human experience is nuanced and subjective. Astrology, practised by humans, comes in an enormous variety of packages. Can one be more accurate than another? 

Astrology is essentially a language of the stars. There is an ancient code of meaning which is attributed to each planet, sign and aspect. The interpretation of these interacting forces depends on the person doing the interpreting! 

We all have a unique map of the planet’s influence on our lives which depicts the exact moment in time and space we were born. The ancient wisdom of Astrology attributes certain energies to different planets and signs. Naturally then, we all experience these planets a little differently, according to our own Astrology! Whether we believe in Astrology or not, is not of any concern to the cosmos. The world above us simply dances on, and Astrologers use the phrase ‘as above, so below’ to remind ourselves of the greater power that this celestial performance plays out in our own lives. 

Think of astrology like your own custom life weather report. Instead of telling you if it’ll rain or be sunny, astrologers check out where the planets are doing and how it is likely to affect our energy based on our own birth influences.

In ancient times, our wise predecessors viewed astrology as a life roadmap. Without the luxury of modern navigation tools, they relied on the stars to guide them through seasons, predict crop cycles, and understand the world around them. We have become so disconnected from nature these days it is no wonder that people often ask “Is Astrology Real”. The very concept of this question would have been unheard of back when the light of the Full Moon made the difference between working or partying late or struggling in the darkness…

Is Astrology relevant today?

But in the world we live in now, does Astrology hold any relevance? Surely, we have enough computers and technology to pick flaws in the processes and pick apart the magic of symbolism? Well, Science and machinery may have moved on, but Human nature is still very similar to what it once was. We still have circadian rhythm and a part of ourselves which is intrinsically connected to the world around us, no matter how much time we spend in our own heads or in a virtual world. The relevance of astrology today lies in its ability to act as a mirror, reflecting the energies at play in our lives. By examining the positions of the planets during our birth, we gain insights into our unique cosmic fingerprint, influencing our personality traits, strengths, and potential challenges.

When we externalise the forces at play in our lives and see our relationships more clearly, without the lens of judgement, we can develop our self awareness and help ourselves to grow spiritually. 

Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and our relationships. Your birth chart, capturing the celestial snapshot at the moment of your birth, unveils compatibility patterns and potential hurdles in your interpersonal connections. 

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – free will. Astrology doesn’t dictate the narrative of your life; rather, it hands you the pen and suggests the paper. It provides insights into potential predispositions, fostering self-awareness rather than puppeteering your decisions.

While astrology can hint at certain tendencies, it is not a final deterministic prophecy. Think of it more as a weather forecast – a helpful guide that allows you to prepare for the conditions but doesn’t eliminate your ability to prepare for all conditions.

Can astrology predictions be wrong?

Of course, things can be misinterpreted from time to time – Even Astrologers are only human after all! Often, when astrology is interpreted slightly wrong there is a very good astrological reason for it! The planets and luminaries, and the dance through the constellations though can be witnessed from where we stand, here, on Earth. 

So, is astrology real? It’s as real as you or I and the stars in the sky. 

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Is Astrology Real

A question I get asked a lot and indeed have questioned myself many times. Is Astrology real? The answer of course depends on who you ask. .

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