J Cainer
Aries Horoscope

Aries Monday

How do we find again the ability that we had as young children to find such happiness as jumping in puddles. What makes us grow up and find the sensation of wet socks so unbearable that the happiness is no longer worth the cost? Today, you are capable of rekindling an old feeling. Do not let unfounded fear stop you from having some fun!

Aries Week 14 – 20 July

The work you put in to prepare the ground for new growth can feel a little overwhelming. We become so concerned when planning for a season of sprouting opportunities that it can be tricky to see when we have done what we can, to notice when we are ready. This week, with your ruler in Taurus, you are about to see that your toil is ready to be rewarded. You do not need to worry yourself about the fertility of the ground. Trust in yourself and the work you have put in and go forward with the exciting next steps of reaping success!

Year Ahead

This year begins in a similar way to how you operate, with a strong start! You ruling planet Mars is moving through Capricorn in January and empowering you to take some serious steps in the right direction. This is setting the tone for a year when you can probably conquer pretty much anything you put your mind to and set your sights on. Usually, you  swoop into action with little forethought but this year allows you a little more strategy. 2024 promises some real long term benefits for your future. By April you will start to see what these may look like, though Uranus will have some curveballs to throw at you and keep things exciting enough to maintain your interest in the process of change.

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