Aries and Leo compatibility

Aries – Cardinal Fire,  Leo – Fixed Fire

Aries and Leo make a regal pair. They both ooze confidence, and know what it is they want. Leos, rightly so, like to be adored and admired. Aries have the energy and passion to give them this. The Aries spirit is inflamed by the generous and courageous heart of Leo. The Leos’ open generosity and the Aries’ willingness to take bold risks can awaken their fire within- one that urges them to stand out and strive for greatness.. Together, there is nothing they cannot achieve… that is until… there is a disagreement! Neither of these signs are shy and retiring, and they certainly are not the type to back down. Both believing themselves to be the fountain of knowledge, reason and righteousness, it will be a challenge for either sign to submit. My advice is, if you see a Leo and an Aries begin to argue… run!  The stubbornness of Leo can irk the Aries, and the Aries’ gung ho attitude can come at the expense of Leo’s patience. 


Aries is Cardinal and Leo is fixed. The fixed Leo can be very particular about how things are done, and they can feel frustrated by Aries’ impulsive nature. Aries are instigators and can feel suffocated by Leo’s rigidity and reluctance to change. A Leo works to their own time and their own schedule, which can cause contention with the ambitious Aries. To forge a successful relationship, both sides must recognise the feelings of the other and be willing to embrace each person’s individual style. No two people ever work the same, but mutual respect and appreciation can see it through. Both have to pick their battles and take it in turns to be the dominant force (and the one who was right!)


These fire signs fan each others flames. Shared elements are a truly positive thing for a relationship. However, not all fires are alike, after all the Leo is a fixed fire, a steady, measured and stable flame, just like their ruler the sun, they can be depended upon for warmth and security. Aries, on the other hand,is a cardinal fire, an initiator of action, wild and unruly, a fire that can create mass burn offs for new beginnings or can set the sparks and join forces easily with the more roaring flames. When this pair burns hot, this force is unstoppable, but if they run out of fuel, they will need to seek out external sparks to bring it back to life.

Are Aries and Leo compatible?

The short answer is a warm and emphatic yes! Leo and Aries have the potential to be the ultimate power couple. When they join forces, no-one and nothing can stop them. This pair can usually work together, having mostly shared values and ways of doing things. The fiery Leo and Aries are campaigners for justice, and want to set the world right (or alight), but failing the world, they will be content in making sure they both are moving forward in the relationship in a positive way. Joint flames are not easily extinguished and these two have the energy and resources to keep each other warm for a lifetime.