Aquarius Personality Traits

Jonathan Cainer on Aquarius:

My Dad used to say, “Aquarius belongs to air and thus to thought, philosophy and intellect. Aquarians have plenty of sensitivity and passion but they believe emotion should be the servant, not the master, of the heart. Aquarians thus seek to help us all treasure and cherish the gift of objectivity. If you need expert advice, ask an Aquarian.” (Jonathan Cainer 1997)

Aquarius Sign Traits

Philosophical, intellectual, good natured, witty. One of the sharpest signs in the zodiac

Aquarius personality Traits and insights from Jemima Cainer

It’s true, Aquarians do give the best advice. No matter what the issue is, once they collect all the necessary information they are able to think anything through and apply their objective wisdom to the problem at hand. They don’t like to be rushed to their answer, and are unlikely to be swayed by arguments which don’t fit the way they see things. 

Aquarians are usually impressively socially adept – they understand the way people tick and what motivates them, and when they generously apply their enormous intellect to understanding human nature, they are often uncannily spot on. Aquarians can sometimes be accused of being a little bit aloof. Their heads are sometimes so high in the clouds that they can forget they need to pop down a level or two to reach those of us who are lesser thinkers. Aquarians tend to be enticed by eccentric or unusual things – it excites them and gives their big airy brains an opportunity to enjoy a new challenge!

What should you know if your sign is Aquarius

Aquarians are a bit unique themselves. They often have quite a variety of strange contradictions in their personalities which makes getting used to them – well, impossible! Just when you think you have figured them out, they have a way of surprising you. They don’t do it on purpose, they just can’t stand to be accused of being boring or predictable, unless that is exactly the opposite of what they think you think of them! Aquarians are great thinkers and they tend to come at things from a bit of a quirky angle. Sometimes, they can be rather argumentative. They are confident in what they know, but sometimes they struggle to be quite sure of how they feel. That gives them a great deal of worry, because it’s not easy to puzzle out and try as they might, they can’t always rationalise themselves out of emotion. They can be really idealistic too, and so committed to what they just know would be the best possible thing, that they can refuse to let themselves enjoy anything which doesn’t quite measure up. They accept absolutely no imitations and can be impressively stubborn when holding out for the real thing, which can seem to go against their usually cool headed rationality. 

Aquarians have brilliant insight to social relationships and often see and break down barriers to make sure those they care about are cared for and included.

Aquarius Personality in a nutshell

At your best:You might not take a conventional approach to things but when you set your excellent mind to something, nothing stands in your way. You are friendly and look for the best in everyone and want the best from every situation. You have great wisdom and insight into human nature. You tend to see the truth in people’s motivations and help those around you with your insightful advice. On a bad day: Sometimes you can get a bit detached from reality and caught up in pursuing perfection. You can get stubborn and fixated on what it is you think you want or need and this can lead to you coming across as hard to reach. You see the bigger picture and sometimes that can lead you to steam ahead of others and forget to come down to lend them a hand up to your level.
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