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Why are we all determined to be right? Surely, we know that being wrong about something enables us to learn an important lesson? On the other hand, being determined to do things incorrectly, despite our better judgement, is undeniably foolish. You’re no fool. A problem today helps you remember your potential to make progress. You’ve already got many moments of education in your metaphorical toolkit. So, you’re perfectly equipped to adapt to a change of plans… and be gracious with those who don’t know better yet.

This week

There is a reason that young children are directed by their carers to achieve certain tasks in a precise order. It is no good, for example, wrestling with wellies or learning how to hold a pen, with a growling stomach. Breakfast, rest, a sense of safety, all need to be achieved before learning can occur. This week, important lessons are available for you. To make the most of them though, you need to come at them with your best foot forwards. If there are matters which need to be taken care of first, talk some sense into yourself and ensure they are done.

Aquarius last week

Your talents, some people would say, are wasted. You have incredible gifts… Why not exploit them for corporate gain?! You do not need to be recognised as some kind of major CEO in order for what you do to matter. You already make an enormous and wonderful difference to all who are blessed to know you. This week, as the Full Moon in Gemini lights up the further away corners of your world, you will find that you are recognised appropriately for your unique insights. Embrace the connections which are coming your way.

Aquarius Month ahead

Aquarius month Ahead November 2023

Genius comes in many forms. There can be no universal measure of what a person has to offer. As Einstein famously said, judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree will lead to it believing it is worthless or stupid. You have much to offer in November. You have much more talent than you currently have room to release. The arena you are performing in is a much easier fix than it may look. Events in November are pushing you to take action that ultimately leads to you breaking free from outdated constraints. Empowerment through innovation is inevitable for you this month.

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Aquarius year ahead 2023

Sit yourself down and make a cup of tea. 2023 is set to bring about major changes and upheaval for you. Before you let yourself spiral into a pit of panic please be reassured that anything changing is likely to have great benefits to you once the dust settles.
Pluto, the planet of power and taboo is moving from Capricorn into your sign. Your life is about to feel like it has been turned upside down. But by flipping everything on its head, you will be able to use your famous rationality to puzzle things out and make the changes necessary to live the life you want to. It is very likely that you will find yourself pushing into new territory and not taking anything less than real purpose for your daily bread and butter. This transit is going to be hugely powerful for you and allow you to find strength you may have forgotten about yourself, or kept so far hidden you may not even have realised its potential.
This year, Saturn moving back through Pisces indicates that you are ready to question your ideals and focus a spotlight on anything that doesn’t hold up to your standards. You may find yourself driven to make cuts or feel that you are on a journey of deeper learning through June to September.
This year, the only thing guaranteed for you is change but your co- ruling planet Uranus has your back and helps remind you that you are unexpectedly down for the ride that 2023 has on offer for you! This rollercoaster is not one that goes back to the beginning at the end.
You are headed to a much clearer and brighter future that promises fulfilment on a much deeper level.

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