J Cainer Aquarius horoscope

Aquarius Monday

Those who mine precious metals push themselves to battle through many layers of grit and difficulty to find the glimmer they are hoping to see. The rarity of such a find is what makes their discovery all the more magical. If entire cave systems glistened with gold, the value of such a find would be much less. Joy can only be appreciated when it is compared to the bleaker moments around it. Today, focus on the hope that you can see shining.

Aquarius Week 14 – 20 July

Are you required to know the right answer for every question posed to you? Are you so uncomfortable with the unknown that you cannot allow yourself to wonder at the marvel of the unknown? There are some things in life which are truly unknowable. The secrets of the world allow us the gift of being surprised and to experience the joy of the unexpected. This week, challenge yourself to let go of control and allow yourself to be pleasantly rewarded with a burst of creativity.

Aquarius year ahead 2024

This year will be anything but boring for you and promises some significant upheaval from what you have come to know as ‘normal’. Uranus, your co ruling planet, is connecting with Jupiter in April which will magnify the opportunities in your world for a greater sense of freedom to choose where it is you are heading. Your choices in 2024 have great power so choose wisely and trust that the changes you are making will make a positive difference to you and those you care about. Pluto entering your sign is shifting the frame of collective consciousness and for you, transforming your life for the better. There can be no real progress without some discomfort but what 2024 promises is that hard times will hold important lessons and you have what it takes to reach for the light of positive change.

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